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D.C. Thomson / The Rover - Famous Footballers (1953-1956)

Famous Footballers
D.C. Thomson / The Rover

I came across these for the first time many years ago, and I think that's when I started compiling checklists. At that time I had no idea how many of these little cut-outs existed. After many hours of research and regularly hitting my bank balance I came up with a definitive list - 1023 different ones to collect. They were issued over two separate periods, 1953 to 1956 and then they were resurrected and issued from 1968 to 1970. The first ones in 1953 are photographic, but within a couple of issues they were then hand drawn, and I think these were the best of all the ones they produced. Usually found cut to individual players, they often turn up on eBay. This list covers the first period in the 1950s, whilst the second period will be covered later today. Any typing errors are all my own work.

No. 1475 - dated 03 October, 1953
S. Mortensen (Blackpool)
J. Froggatt (Portsmouth)
D. Cowie (Dundee)
A. Stubbins (no club - Liverpool)
J. Harvey (Newcastle United)
R. Ugolini (Middlesbrough)
G. Smith (Hibernian)
E. Bailey (Tottenham Hotspur)
W. McNaught (Raith Rovers)
J. Logie (Arsenal)
N. Mochan (Glasgow Celtic)

No. 1478 - dated 24 October, 1953

W. Liddell (Liverpool)
D. Emery (East Fifre)
F. Bowyer (Stoke City)
G. Edwards (Cardiff City)
E. Ditchburn (Tottenham Hotspur)
W. Mannion (Middlesbrough)
L. Shackleton (Sunderland)
J. Rowley (Manchester United)
N. Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers)
W. Ellerington (Southampton)
S. Cox (Glasgow Rangers)

No. 1481 - dated 14 November, 1953

J. Vernon (Crusaders)
F. Brennan (Newcastle United)
J. Hagan (Sheffield United)
E. Quigley (Blackburn Rovers)
P. Buckley (Aberdeen)
R. Middleton (Derby County)
J. McKenzie (Partick Thistle)
R. Mitchell (Watford)
G. Aitken (Sunderland)
J. McKenna (Huddersfield Town)
A. Conn (Heart of Midlothian)

No. 1482 - dated 21 November, 1953

G. Young (Glasgow Rangers & Scotland)
T. Finney (Preston North End & England)
J. McIlroy (Burnley & Ireland)
W. Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers & England)
I. Allchurch (Swansea Town & Wales)
L. Reilly (Hibernian & Scotland)
W. Eckersley (Blackburn Rovers & England)
C. Tully (Glasgow Celtic & Scotland)
R. Paul (Manchester City & Wales)
S. Matthews (Blackpool & England)
W. Steel (Dundee & Scotland)

No. 1485 - dated 12 December, 1953

A. Quixall (Sheffield Wednesday)
W. Bauld (Hearts)
J.Milburn (Newcastle United)
A. Brown (Blackpool)
T. Ford (Sunderland)
B. Trautmann (Manchester City)
I. McColl (Glasgow Rangers)
W. Holden (Burnley)
J. Glazzard (Huddersfield Town)
A. Ramsey (Tottenham Hotspur)
W. Sharp (Partick Thistle)

No. 1487 - dated 26 December, 1953

W. Watson (Sunderland)
R. Johnstone (Hibernian)
R. Froggatt (Sheffield Wednesday)
J. Hancocks (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
J. Dickinson (Portsmouth)
G. Merrick (Birmingham City)
L. Duquemin (Tottenham Hotspur)
J. McPhail (Glasgow Celtic)
V. Metcalfe (Huddersfield Town)
J. Wardhaugh (Heart of Midlothian)
R. Mitchelll (Newcastle United)

No. 1489 - dated 09 January, 1954

J. Henderson (Portsmouth)
C. Wayman (Preston North End)
W. Barnes (Arsenal)
W. Telfer (St Mirren)
E. Shimwell (Blackpool)
J. Patterson (Queen of the South)
F. Moss (Aston Villa)
A. Matthew (East Fife)
A. McCrae (Falkirk)
S. Smyth (Liverpool)
J.E. Bell (Blackburn Rovers)

No. 1491 - dated 23 January, 1954

C. Fleming (East Fife)
E. Parsons (Chelsea)
A. Forbes (Arsenal)
R. Cater (Leeds United)
W. Waddell (Glasgow Rangers)
H. Hassall (Bolton Wanderers)
H. Johnston (Blackpool)
W. Ormond (Hibernian)
T. Ring (Clyde)
D. Woodhead (Sheffield Wednesday)
A. Ringstead (Sheffield United)

No. 1493 - dated 06 February, 1954

E. Turnbull (Hibs)
J. Meadows (Manchester City)
J. Scott (Leeds United)
T. Gallacher (Dundee)
D. Lishman (Arsenal)
J. Morris (Leicester City)
P. Doherty (Doncaster Rovers)
R. Flewin (Portsmouth)
J. Grainger (Leeds United)
R. Bentley (Chelsea)
J. Delany (no club - Manchester United)

No. 1495 - dated 20 February, 1954

R. Allen (WBA)
T. Doherty (PNE)
J. Mullen (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
W. Fernie (Glasgow Celtic)
K. Chishoolm (Sunderlnad)
S. Bartram (Charlton Athletic)
W. Rothera (Queen of the South)
G. Robb (Tottenham Hotspur)
A. Sherwood (Cardiff city)
G. Hamilton (Aberdeen)
E. Taylor (Blackpool)

No. 1497 - dated 06 March, 1954

E. McMorran (Barnsley)
D. Wilshaw (Wolves)
I. Broadis (Newcastle United)
R. Howitt (Partick Thistle)
J. Nicholls (West Bromwich Albion)
D. Roper (Arsenal)
R. Brown (Glasgow rangers)
L. Shannon (Burnley)
J. McMillan (Airdrieonians)
J. Charles (Leeds United)
D. Malloy (Dundee)

No. 1499 - dated 20 March, 1954

M.R. Tadman (Plymouth Argyle)
J. Gardiner (East Fife)
J. Gregory (West Ham United)
J. Urquhart (Heart of Midlothian)
R. Clarke (Manchester City)
C. Holton (Arsenal)
J. Anderson (Leicester City)
H. Tindall (Doncaster Rovers)
W. Perry (Blackpool)
E. Purdon (Sunderland)
W. Woodburn (Glasgow rangers)

No. 1501 - dated 03 April, 1954

A.  Ackerman (Hull City)
J. Dixon (Aston Villa)
R. Byrne (Manchester United)
S. Rickaby (WBA)
R. Daniel (Sunderland)
R. Howells (Cardiff City)
R. Evans (Glasgow Celtic)
R. Parry (Bolton Wanderers)
A. Young (Aberdeen)
D. Revie (Manchester City)
J. Bonthorne (East Fife)

No. 1503 - dated 17 April, 1954

J. Berry (Manchetser United)
R. Barlow (W.B.A.)
J. Baxter (Preston North End)
A. McMichael (Newcastle United)
C. Vaughan (Portsmouth)
M. Haughney (Glasgow Celtic)
J. Cumming (Heart of Midlothian)
G. Leggat (Aberdeen)
J. Mudie (Blackpool)
W. Elliott (Sunderland)
W. Moir (Bolton Wanderers)

No. 1505 - dated 01 May, 1954

J. Little (Glasgow Rangers)
B. Hayward (Port Vale)
I. Seemley (Sheffield Wednesday)
R. King (Port Vale)
R. Peacock (Glasgow Celtic)
F. Griffin (West Bromwich Albion)
A. Glen (Aberdeen)
W. Redpath (Motherwell)
G. Lee (West Bromwich Albion)
A. Morrison (Preston North End)
J. Sewell (Sheffield Wednesday)

No. 1522 - dated 28 August, 1954

K. Armstrong (Chelsea)
E. Copland (Raith Rovers)
J. Paterson (Hibernian)
K. Green (Birmingham City)
J. Dugdale (West Bromwich Albion)
E. Burgin (Sheffield United)
P. Harris (Portsmouth)
R. Staniforth (Huddersfield Town)
S. Owen (Luton Town)
J. Walsh (Glasgow Celtic)
D. Grierson (Glasgow Rangers)

No. 1524 - dated 11 September, 1954

H. Hooper (WHU)
T. Capel (Coventry City)
W. Brown (Dundee)
S. Willemse (Chelsea)
W. McGarry (Huddersfield Town)
B. Jezzard (Fulham)
W. Humphries (Motherwell)
R. Parker (Heart of Midlothian)
L. Smith (Watford)
F. Kearns (Norwich City)
J. Mansell (Portsmouth)

No. 1526 - dated 25 September, 1954

C. Liddell (Glasgow Rangers)
W. Foulkes (Southampton Town)
A. Kelsey (sic) (Arsenal)
T. Gemmell (St Mirren)
S. Baird (Preston North End)
D. McLennan (East Fife)
J. Govan (Hibernian)
R. de Gruchy (Grimsby Town)
D. Underwood (Liverpool)
J. Wheeler (Bolton Wanderers)
G. Hardwick (Oldham Athletic)

No. 1528 - dated 09 October, 1954

W. Simpson (Glasgow Rangers)
F. Martin (Aberdeen)
J. Whitefoot (Manchester United)
N. Deeley (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
A. McLeod (Third Lanark)
H. Brook (Leeds United)
K. Jones (Aston Villa)
J. Downie (Hull City)
D. Dunmore (Tottenham Hotspur)
F. Glidden (Heart of Midlothian)
D. McEvoy (Huddersfield Town)

No. 1530 - dated 23 October, 1954

A. Plumb (Falkirk)
H. Haddock (Clyde)
F. Blunstone (Chelsea)
S. Anderson (Sunderland)
D. Mathers (Partick Thistle)
G. Merchant (Dundee)
G. Niven (Glasgow Rangers)
J. McAnearney (Sheffield Wednesday)
D. Edwards (Manchester United)
M. Charles (Swansea Town)
T. Smith (Birmingham City)

No. 1532 - dated 06 November, 1954

J. Watson (Huudersfield Town)
D. Herd (Arsenal)
C. Ashcroft (Liverpool)
J. higgins (Hibernian)
C. Fairclough (Bury)
J. Shaw (Sheffield United)
J. Prentice (Glasgow Rangers)
P. Broadbent (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
P. Farrell (Everton)
D. Hatsell (Preston North End)
J. Wallace (Aberdeen)

No. 1534 - dated 20 November, 1954

A. Boden (Celtic)
A. Chilton (Manchester United)
L. Stubbs (Cheslea)
A. Robertson (Clyde)
G. Hill (Dundee)
R. Clayton (Blackburn Rovers)
E. Moore (Everton)
R. Ayre (Charlton Athletic)
J. Hall (Birmingham City)
J. Hannigan (Morton)
J. Porteous (Plymouth Argyle)

No. 1536 - dated 04 December, 1954

D. Pace (Aston Villa)
A. Graver (Lincoln City)
S. McClennan (Tottenham Hotspur)
N. Kinsey (Birmingham City)
R. Henderson (Queen of the South)
T. Powell (Derby County)
J. McGrory (St Mirren)
R. Foster (Preston North End)
A. Bain (Motherwell)
G. Shaw (Sheffield United)
J. Taylor (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

No. 1539 - dated 25 December, 1954

J. Parker (Everton)
R. Stephenson (Burnley)
A. Leake (Port Vale)
J. Mitchell (Aberdeen)
R. Crosbie (Bradford PA)
J. Hart (Manchester City)
A.E. Fenton (Blackpool)
R. Slater (Falkirk)
T. Hoyland (Sheffield United)
D. Sexton (West Ham United)
D. Stanners (Glasgow rangers)

No. 1545 - dated 05 February, 1955

R. Flowers (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
D. Tapscott (Arsenal)
R. Burke (Manchester United)
R. Brand (Glasgow rangers)
I. Rae (Falkirk)
D. Viollet (Manchester United)
G. Cowell (Newcastle united)
T. Preston (Hibernian)
L. Millard (West Bromwich Albion)
R. Wishart (Aberdeen)
J. Griffiths (Swansea Town)

No. 1547 - dated 19 February, 1955

P. McParland (Aston Villa)
L Wills (Arsenal)
R. Morrison (Falkirk)
J. Plenderleith (Hibernian)
B. Williams (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
F.A. Lewis (Colchester United)
M. Barrass (Bolton Wanderers)
G. Rowley (Leicester City)
W. Bingham (Sunderland)
G. Carmichael (Dundee)
T. Garrett (Blackpool)

No. 1549 - dated 05 March, 1955

J. Higgins (Glasgow Celtic)
W. Reed (Ipswich Town)
H. Yorston (Aberdeen)
R. Stephenson (Blackpool)
R. Swinbourne (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
W. Davie (Huddersfield Town)
C. Crowe (Newcastle United)
J. Short (Stoke City)
W. Fraser (Sunderland)
J. Marston (Preston North End)
J. Hubbard (Glasgow Rangers)

No. 1551 - dated 19 March, 1955

L. White (Newcastle United)
G. Helme (Warrington RLFC)
J.R. Hedley (Sunderland)
R.D. Matthews (Coventry City)
P.J. Atyeo (Bristol City)
R. Homes (St. Mirren)
C. Rutter (Portsmouth)
R.P. Sillett (Chelsea)
D. Meeson (Reading)
D. Valentine (Huddersfield RLFC)
W. Foulkes (Manchetser United)

No. 1553 - dated 02 April, 1955

A. Hill (Clyde)
J. Chalmers (Dundee)
E.R. Firmani (Charlton Athletic)
L. Jones (Leeds RLFC)
B. Butler (Sheffield Wednesday)
J. Gavin (Tottenham Hotspur)
P. Murphy (Birmingham City)
R. Robson (Fulham)
A. Clues (Hunslet RLFC)
J. McDonald (Sunderland)
G. Turner (Luton Town)

No. 1555 - dated 16 April, 1955

J. Delapenha (Middlesbrough)
M. Scott (Hull RLFC)
R. Mozley (Derby County
J. Miller (Glasgow Rangers)
D. Ewing (Manchester City)
A. Jeffrey (Doncaster Rovers)
J. Sanders (West Bromwich Albion)
T. Thompson (Aston Villa)
R. Flavell (Kilmarnock)
J. Bloomfield (Arsenal)
J. Broome (Wigan RLFC)

No. 1557 - dated 30 April, 1955

R. Simpson (Newcastle United)
C. Fleming (Sunderland)
J. Hayes (Manchester City)
J. Welsh (Airdrieonians)
F. Fagan (Manchester City)
A. Bottom (York City)
J. Bonnar (Glasgow Celtic)
J. Allister (Aberdeen)
V. Keeble (Newcastle United)
T. Anderson (Clyde)
G. Aitken (Sunderland)

No. 1599 - dated 18 February, 1956

D. Regan (Bristol City)
J. Haynes (Fulham)
H. Reid (Dundee)
V. Groves (Arsenal)
A. Quixall (Sheffield Wednesday)
F. Goodwin (Manchester United)
A. Parker (Falkirk)
S. Imlach (Nottingham Forest)
P. Neil (Portsmouth)
A. Young (Heart of Midlothian)
R. Baynham (Luton Town)

No. 1601 - dated 03 March, 1956

J. Plenderleith (Hibs)
G. Hitchins (Cardiff City)
R. Crosbie (Bradford)
E. Crossan (Blackburn Rovers)
P. McKay (Burnley)
E. Caldow (Glasgow Rangers)
G. Hannah (Newcastle United)
R. Staniforth (Sheffield Wednesday)
J. Brooke (Tottenham Hotspur)
J. Armfield (Blackpool)
J. Hather (Aberdeen)

No. 1603 - dated 17 March, 1956

A. Scott (Glasgow Rangers)
C. Jones (Swansea Town)
W.T.C. Dare (West Ham)
J. Thomson (Hibernian)
D. Pegg (Manchester United)
G.R.W. Bradford (Bristol Rovers)
G. Christie (Dundee)
W. Slater (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
S. Lynn (Aston Villa)
W. Gardner (Leicester City)
R. Gubbins (Bolton Wanderers)

No. 1605 - dated 31 March, 1956

W. Elliott (Sunderland)
R. Bentley (Chelsea)
G. Robb (Tottenham Hotspur)
R. Evans (Glasgow Celtic)
John Charles (Leeds United)
G. Leggat (Aberdeen)
S. Bartram (Charlton Athletic)
R. Allen (West Bromwich Albion)
T. Dochjerty (Preston North End)
E. Tyalor (Blackpool)
R. Ayre (Charlton Athletic)

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