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Adventure / D.C. Thomson - THO-355/THO-17-1&2 Footballers - Signed Real Photos of Famous Footballers

THO-355/THO-17-1 Footballers - Signed Real Photos of Famous Footballers
THO-355/THO-17-2 Footballers - Signed Real Photos of Famous Footballers (Scottish)
D.C. Thomson / Adventure
22 cards

Hi Alan, I was pointed to your site via a friend who also collects football cards. we are both members of the same card collecting forum. Anyway, I noticed you don't have these cards from 'Adventure' on your site and was wondering if they are the sort of thing your interested in posting. They were issued by 'Adventure' comic published by D.C. Thomson in 1923, a series of real photographs with printed autographs on the back. (see attached picture for example). As far as I can find out there are 10 in the set. (Jimmy also lists the 10 cards). No. 9 E. Simms does not have a team printed on the back of the card. They are not numbered. Different fonts and print positions were used on the backs, suggesting that they were not printed in the same place or same time, either that or quality control didn't matter back then. Anyway hope they are of interest. All the best, Jimmy Gibbon.

A total of 36 cards were issued. For the first 14 weeks different cards were issued in Scotland. These have been identified in the listing with flags of the two countries. I've also included the issue dates and the issue numbers of Adventure. Syd Puddefoot was a West Ham United player when his card was issued in England. He later transferred to Falkirk and the comic hastily included him in the Scottish release, though the same picture was used with both cards.

No. 19  dated 21 January, 1922
Ernest Simms (Luton Town)  
Victor E. Milne (Aberdeen)  

No. 20  dated 28 January, 1922
Elisha Scott (Liverpool)  
J.R. Smith (Cowdenbeath)  

No. 21  dated 04 February, 1922
Len Davies (Cardiff City)  
Robert Ferrier (Motherwell)  

No. 22  dated 11 February, 1922
W.J. Kirton (Aston Villa)  
David Meiklejohn (Rangers)  

No. 23  dated 18 February, 1922
Tommy Curry (Newcastle United)  
Neil McBain (Manchester United)  

No. 24  dated 25 February, 1922
Syd Puddefoot (West Ham United)  
Joe Cassidy (Celtic)  

No. 25  dated 04 March, 1922
B.J. Bateman (Crystal Palace)  
Willie Salisbury (Partick Thistle)  

No. 26  dated 11 March, 1922
R.T. Woodhouse (Preston North End)  
J. Dunn (Hibernians)  

No. 27  dated 18 March, 1922
J. Doran (Brighton and Hove Albion)  
Frank Walker (Third Lanark)  

No. 28  dated 25 March, 1922
A.R. Dorrell (Aston Villa)  
Bobby Archibald (Raith Rovers)  

No. 29  dated 01 April, 1922
Stan Davies (West Bromwich Albion)  
Robert Kelly (Burnley)  

No. 30  dated 08 April, 1922
W.C. Donkin (Barnsley)  
Syd Puddefoot (Falkirk)  

No. 31  dated 15 April, 1922
John McKay (Blackburn Rovers)  
Archie Rawlings (Preston North End)  

No. 32  dated 22 April, 1922
William H. Walker (Aston Villa)  
Frank Barson (Aston Villa)  

No. 33  dated 29 April, 1922
C. Wilson (Tottenham Hotspur)    

No. 34  dated 06 May, 1922
Jimmy Low (Newcastle United)    

No. 35  dated 13 May, 1922
William Birrell (Middlesbrough)    

No. 36  dated 20 May, 1922
Tom Hamilton (Preston North End)    

No. 37  dated 27 May, 1922
John McDonald (Everton)    

No. 38  dated 03 June, 1922
Alex Graham (Arsenal)    

No. 39  dated 10 June, 1922
David Mercer (Sheffield United)    

No. 40  dated 17 June, 1922
Peter Quinn (Preston North End)    


  1. What a great article. Just bought some of the English set of these cards. They are lovely cards and amazing to think they are nearly 100 years old. Did DC Thomson do similar sets in other years in the 20s?

    1. Hi Simon,

      This set is similar:

      D.C. Thomson / Adventure - THO-195-1/THO-8-1&2 Famous British Footballers - English/Scottish issue:




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