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D.C. Thomson / The Rover - Famous Footballers (1968-1970)

Famous Footballers
D.C. Thomson / The Rover
1013 cut-outs

Here's the second part of these Famous Footballers, covering the period from 1968 to 1970. As with the earlier ones they are usually found cut to individual players.

No. 2251 - dated 17 August, 1968
Don Murray (Cardiff City)
David Wagstaffe (Wolves)
Neil Martin (Coventry City)
Harry Hood (Clyde)   -  name corrected (typo)
Barrie Hole (Blackburn Rovers)
Bryan Robson (Newcastle United)
Alan Spavin (Preston North End)
Willie Carlin (Sheffield United)
John Newman (Plymouth Argyle)
Len Glover (Leicester City)
Neil Young (Manchester City)

No. 2253 - dated 31 August, 1968
Peter Knowles (Wolves)
Ron Yeats (Liverpool)
Frank Large (Fulham)
Fred Pickering (Birmingham)
Joe Royale (sic) (Everton)
John Mahoney (Stoke City)
Joe Fascione (Chelsea)
Frank McLintock (Arsenal)
Jim Montgomery (Sunderland)
Andy Penman (Rangers)
John Aston (Manchester United)

No. 2255 - dated 14 September, 1968
Charlie Cooke (Chelsea)
Doug Smith (Dundee United)
John Galley (Bristol City)
Mike Doyle (Manchester City)
Tommy Gibb (Partick Thistle)
Jeff Astle (West Bromwich Albion)
Tommy Bryceland (Norwich City)
Tony Knapp (Coventry City)
Willie McPheat (Airdrie)
Dennis Butler (Bolton Wanderers)
Billy Campbell (Dundee)

No. 2257 - dated 28 September, 1968
Ian Moore (Nottingham Forest)
Gareth Sprake (Leeds United)
Jim McCalliog (Sheffield Wednesday)
David Sadler (Manchester United)
John Talbut (West Bromwich Albion)
Willie Morgan (Burnley)
Colin Stein (Hibs)
Brian Dear (West Ham)
Alan Mullery (Spurs)
Alan Ogley (Stockport)
Gerry Queen (Kilmarnock)

No. 2259 - dated 12 October, 1968
John Crossan (Middlesbrough)
Keith Newton (Blackburn Rovers)
Jim Herriot (Birmingham)
George Best (Manchester United)
Mike England (Spurs)
Jimmy Jack (Arbroath)
Steve Chalmers (Celtic)
Peter Rodrigues (Leicester City)
Derrick Parkin (Wolves)
Jim Fryatt (Stockport)
Mike Trebilcock (Portsmouth)

No. 2261 - dated 26 October, 1968
Bobby Charlton (Manchester United) - Green background
Alf Biggs (Bristol Rovers)
Johnny Haynes (Fulham)
Jimmy Smith (Aberdeen)
John Giles (Leeds United)
John Sleeuwenhoek (Birmingham City)
Ken Houghton (Hull City)
Ray Pointer (Portsmouth)
Tony Green (Blackpool)
Geroge Armstrong (Arsenal)
Willie Henderson (Rangers)

No. 2263 - dated 09 November, 1968
Gordon Wallace (Raith Rovers)
Jimmy Greaves (Spurs)
Sam Hastings (Clyde)
Bobby Tambling (Chelsea)
Billy Bremner (Leeds United)
Rodney Marsh (Q.P.R.)
Mike Hellawell (Birmingham)
Hugh McIlmoyle (Carlisle)
Terry Paine (Southampton)
Eamonn Dunphy (Millwall)
Keith Peacock (Charlton)

No. 2265 - dated 23 November, 1968
Joe Baker (Nottingham Forest)
Tommy McLean (Kilmarnock)
Bobby Gould (Arsenal)
Alec McDonald (St Johnstone)
Jimmy Gabriel (Southampton)
Phil Beal (Spurs)
Charlie Hurley (Sunderland)
Eric Sellars (Arbroath)
Dave Ford (Sheffield Wednesday)
Stan Anderson (Clyde)
Ron Springett (Q.P.R.)

No. 2267 - dated 07 December, 1968
John O'Rourke (Ipswich Town)
Mike Judge (Raith Rovers)
Peter Dobing (Stoke City)
Bill Glazier (Coventry City)
David Woodfield (Wolves)
John Charles (West Ham)
Pat Stanton (Hibs)
Martin Buchan (Aberdeen)
Billy Hainey (St Mirren)
Bobby Owen (Manchester City)
John Duncan (Dundee)

No. 2269 - dated 21 December, 1968
Cliff Jones (Tottenham Hotspur)
Clive Clarke (WBA)
Ally Donaldson (Dundee)
Jimmy Husband (Everton)
Bobby Waddell (East Fife)
Colin Withers (Aston Villa)
John Collins (Spurs)
Preben Arentoft (Morton)
Don McKay (Dundee United)
Alan Birchenall (Chelsea)
Steve Kember (Crystal Palace)

No. 2271 - dated 04 January, 1969
Millar Hay (Queens Park)
Chris Chilton (Hull City)
Gareth Williams (Bolton)
Tommy Traynor (Hearts)
Fred Davies (Cardiff City)
Colin Waldron (Burnley)
Roddy McKenzie (Airdrie)
John Craven (Blackpool)
E. Colquhoun (Sheffield United)
Ray Crawford (Ipswich Town)
Hugh Curran (Norwich City)

No. 2273 - dated 18 January, 1969
John Toshack (Cardiff City)
Derek Dougan (Wolves)
Terry Neill (Arsenal)
John Greig (Rangers)
Jack Charlton (Leeds0
Ollie Burton (Newcastle)
Denis Bruce (Arbroath)
Eddie McCreadie (Chelsea)
Paul Hince (Charlton)
Gordon Banks (Stoke)
Bobby Charlton (Manchester United) - Yellow background

No. 2275 - dated 01 February, 1969
Orjan Persson (Rangers & Sweden)
Bob McNab (Arsenal & England)
Alan Gilzean (Spurs & Scotland)
Bjarne Jensen (Morton & Denmark)
Martin Peters (West Ham & England)
Tony Millington (Peterbrough & Wales)
Ron Davies (Southampton & Wales)
Brian Labone (Everton & England)
Cyril Knowles (Spurs & England)
Martin Harvey (Sunderland & Ireland)
Gerald Humphries (Everton & Wales)

No. 2277 - dated 15 February, 1969
Joe Kinnear (Spurs)
Gordon West (Everton)
Doug Houston (Dundee)
Chris Lawler (Liverpool)
Peter Bonetti (Chelsea)
Kenny Cameropn (Dundee United)
Bobby Murdoch (Celtic)
Jim Cruickshank (Hearts)
Francis Lee (Manchester City)
Chris Balderstone (Carlisle)
Mick Jones (Leeds)

No. 2279 - dated 01 March, 1969
Alun Evans (Liverpool)
Norrie Martin (Rangers)
Graham Oates (Grimsby)
Chris Jones (Swindon)
Laurie Brown (Bradford P.A.)
Tommy Robson (Peterbrough)
Graham Leggatt (Rotherham)
Peter Brabrook (Orient)
Colin Bell (Manchester city)
Brian Conlon (Norwich)
Jimmy Melia (Aldershot)

No. 2281 - dated 15 March, 1969
Ian St John (Liverpool)
John Ritchie (Sheffield Wednesday)
Arthur Bellamy (Burnley)
Brian Kidd (Manchester United)
John Tudor (Coventry)
Mike O'Grady (Leeds)
Bobby Wilson (Dundee)
Barry Lyons (Notts Forest)
John Sissons (West Ham)
Ron Rees (W.B.A.)
Alan Skirton (Bristol City)

No. 2283 - dated 29 March, 1969
John Radford (Arsenal)
Alec Young (Stockport)
Danny Hegan (Ipswich)
Frank Saul (Southampton)
Glyn Pardoe (Manchester City)
Mike Bailey (Wolves)
Peter Houseman (Chelsea)
Peter Cormack (Hibs)
Alec Dawson (Brighton)
Arthur Finn (Montrose)
Brian Tiler (Aston Villa)

No. 2285 - dated 12 April, 1969
Geoff Hurst (West Ham United)
'Dixie' Deans (Motherwell)
Asa Hartford (W.B.A.)
Emlyn Hughes (Liverpool)
Mike Leach (Q.P.R.)
John Scott (Dundee)
Bobby Rough (Ayr United)
Eric McMordie (Middlesbrough)
Alan Ball (Queen of the South)
Ralph Coates (Burnley)
John Boyle (Chelsea)

No. 2287 - dated 26 April, 1969
Billy Bonds (West Ham United)
Terry Cooper (Leeds United)
George Grimshaw (Notts Forest)
Willie Johnston (Rangers)
Derke Temple (Preston)
Dave Clements (Coventry)
Don Ford (Hearts)
Peter Simpson (Arsenal)
Alan Ball (Everton)
Peter Springett (Sheffield Wednesday)
Doug Fraser (W.B.A.)

No. 2289 - dated 10 May, 1969
Denis Law (Manchester United)
Phil Parkes (Wolves)
Geoff Vowden (Birmingham)
Alan Campbell (Charlton)
John Morrisey (Everton)
Frank Wignall (Derby)
Jim Iley (Peterbrough)
Pat Liney (Bradford City)
Francis Burns (Manchester United)
Gerry Gurr (Southampton)
John Connelly (Blackburn)

No. 2291 - dated 24 May, 1969
John McGrath (Southampton)
Alec Bryce (Dundee)
Bobby Moncur (Newcastle)
Tony Book (Manchester City)
Mike Kenning (Wolves)
Roger Hunt (Liverpool)
Alan Stephenson (West Ham)
Peter Osgood (Chelsea)
Peter Marinello (Hibs)
Bobby Hope (W.B.A.)
Paul Reaney (Leeds)

No. 2293 - dated 07 June, 1969
John Sammels (Arsenal)
John Clark (Celtic)
Eddie Morrison (Kilmarnock)
Henry Newton (Notts Forest)
Bert Paton (Dunfermline)
Frank Clark (Q.P.R.)
Norman Hunter (Leeds)
Sandy Brown (Everton)
Ernie Hunt (Coventry)
Willie Stevenson (Stoke City)
Jim Furnell (Rotherham)

No. 2295 - dated 21 June, 1969
Terrt Venables (Spurs)
Ernie McGarr (Aberdeen)
Allan Clarke (Leicester)
Terry Conroy (Stoke)
Graham Hill (Grand Prix)
Graham Stilwell (Tennis)
Mike Summerbee (Manchester City)
Colin Milburn (Cricket)
John Osborne (W.B.A.)
Tony Jacklin (Golf)
Billy Stark (Boxing)

No. 2297 - dated 05 July, 1969
Jackie Stewart (Grand Prix)
Tommy Lawrence (Liverpool)
Mike Channon (Southampton)
Jim Alder (Athletics)
Alan Bloor (Stoke City)
Nill Ivy (Motor Cycling)
Ray Moore (Tennis)
Joe McBride (Hibs)
Joe Bugner (Boxing)
Tommy Craig (Sheffield Wednesday)
Alec Stepney (M<anchester United)

No. 2299 - dated 19 July, 1969
Marvin Hinton (Chelsea)
Pat Pocock (Cricket)
Nigel Boocock (Speedway)
Roger Kenyon (Everton)
Jim Black (Hibs)
C.M. Old (Cricket)
Colin Blant (Burnley)
Bob Wilson (Arsenal)
Jackie Pallo (Wrestling)
Billy Bilsland (Cycling)
Ian Collard (Ipswich Town)

No. 2301 - dated 02 August, 1969
Chris Cattlin (Coventry City)
Richard Hutton (Yorkshire)
Geroge Kidd (Wrestling)
Peter King (Cardiff)
Nobby Stiles (Manchester United)
Mike Tagg (Athletics)
Roger Morgan (Spurs)
David Hogg (Dundee United)
George Archer (Golf)
Mark Cox (Tennis)
Brian McIlroy (Kilmarnock)

No. 2303 - dated 16 August, 1969
Alan Wollett (Leicester City)
George Graham (Arsenal)
Tommy Hughes (Chelsea)
George Stewart (Dundee)
Joe Harper (Morton)
Dietmar Bruck (Coventry)
Andy Rolland (Dundee United)
Johnny Graham (Falkirk)
John Angus (Burnley)
Pat Jennings (Spurs)
Bob Wilson (Cardiff City)

No. 2305 - dated 30 August, 1969
Alex Smith (Aberdeen0
Jim Young (St Mirren)
John Rimmer (Man Utd)
David Clunie (Hearts)
Brian Harris (Cardiff)
Colin Sugget (W.B.A.)
John Dempsey (Chelsea)
Bobby Moore (West Ham)
Gerhard Neef (Rangers)
Peter Collins (Spurs)
David Court (Arsenal)

No. 2307 - dated 13 September, 1969
Jim Easton (Dundee)
Stan Horne (Fulham)
Jim Hodge (Arbroath)
Barry Endean (Watford)
Brian Usher (Doncaster Rovers)
Frank Brogan (Ipswich)
Charlie Wright (Charlton)
Bobby Ferguson (West Ham)
Trevor Cherry (Huddersfield)
Clive Walker (Norttampton)
Bob Kennedy (Grimsby Town)

No. 2309 - dated 27 September, 1969
Ian Hutchinson (Chelsea)
Fred Goodwin (Wolves)
Derek Traill (Hartlepool)
Ian Gibson (Coventry)
John Sewell (Crystal Palace)
Gary Talbot (Chester)
David Best (Ipswich)
Nick Sharkey (Mansfield)
Ron Atkinson (Oxford)
Gordon Jones (Middlesbrough)
Dave Provan (Rangers)

No. 2311 - dated 11 October, 1969
Tony Taylor (Crystal Palace)
Alec Rae (Bury)
Pat Wquinn (East Fife)
Barry Wagstaff (Reading)
Reg Blore (Oldham)
Bruce Rioch (Aston Villa)
Brian Turner (Bury)
Ollie Conmy (Peterbrough)
Billy McGann (East Fife)
Jim Baxter (Rangers)
Gil Reece (Sheffield United)

No. 2313 - dated 25 October, 1969
Bobby Kellard (Bristol City)
Barry Wagstaffe (Reading)
Robert Graham (Liverpool)
John Connolly (St Johnstone)
Dave Thomas (Burnley)
John O'Hare (Derby)
Terry Parmenter (Orient)
Alan Gordon (Dundee United)
Derek Jefferson (Ipswich)
Mel Blyth (Crystal Palace)
Chic Brodie (Brentford)

No. 2315 - dated 08 November, 1969
John Mitten (Exeter City)
Tommy Wright (Everton)
Peter McCloy (Motherwell)
Quinton Young (Ayr United)
Pat McMahon (Aston Villa)
Brian Usher (Doncaster Rovers)
Billy Best (Southend)
Roy McFarland (Derby County)
Neil O'Donnell (Norwich)
Matt Tees (Charlton)
George Yardley (Tranmere)

No. 2317 - dated 22 November, 1969
Pat Dunne (Plymouth)
Jantzen Derrick (Bristol City)
Bill Baxter (Ipswich)
Ray Pettit (Hul)
Peter Lorimer (Leeds United)
Neil Ramsbottom (Bury)
David Herd (Stoke)
Alec Reid (Dundee United)
Kenny Aird (St Johnstone)
David Hay (Celtic)
Kevin Hector (Derby)

No. 2319 - dated 06 December, 1969
Ian Bowyer (Manchester City)
Peter Kane (St Mirren)
Ray Wilson (Oldham)
John Hurst (Everton)
Jim Standen (Millwall)
Brian Lewis (Luton)
Dave Hollins (Mansfield)
Jake Young (Forfar)
Alex Ingram (Ayr United)
Jimmy Greenhof (Stoke)
Cliff Sear (Chester)

No. 2321 - dated 20 December, 1969
Kai Johanson (Rangers)
Jimmy Frizzell (Oldham)
Stan Bowles (Manchester City)
Will Tocher (Brechin)
Don Rogers (Swindon)
John Kurila (Southend)
Bobby Wraith (Southport)
Alf Wood (Shrewsbury)
John Shuker (Oxford)
Dennis Tueart (Sunderland)
Tony Coleman (Sheffield Wednesday)

No. 2324 - dated 10 January, 1970
George McLean (Dunfermline)
George Herd (Sunderland)
John Doanldson (St Johnstone)
Arthur Duncan (Partick Thistle)
Dave Bacuzzi (Reading)
Vic Gomersall (Swansea)
Bob Chapman (Nottingham Forest)
Rene Moller (Hearts)
Dave Gaskell (Wrexham)
Jim Conway (Fulham)
Ian Morgan (Q.P.R.)

No. 2326 - dated 24 January, 1970
Steve Pitt (Colchester)
Don Masson (Notts County)
Frank Casper (Burnley)
Phil Summerhill (Birmingham)
Steve Earle (Fulham)
Joe Gilroy (Dundee)
George Falconer (Raith Rovers)
Henry hall (St Johnstone)
Roy Sproson (Port Vale)
Alan Suddick (Blackpool)
John Fairbrother (Peterbrough United)

No. 2328 - dated 07 February, 1970
Alan Gowling (Manchester United)
Dave Elliott (Newcastle)
Dick Krzywicki (Albion)
Geoff Morris (Walsall)
Brian Godfrey (Aston Villa)
Jim Hermiston (Aberdeen)
Frank Kopel (Blackburn)
Hugh Fisher (Southampton)
Willie Neil (Queens Park)
Kenny Dalgleish (Celtic)
Pat Rice (Arsenal)

No. 2330 - dated 21 February, 1970
Tommy Neilson (Cowdenbeath)
Keith East (Bournemouth)
Ian Butler (Hull City)
Clyde Best (West Ham)
Ray Smith (Wrexham)
Bob Ledger (Barrow)
Jim Townsend (Hearts)
George McVitie (Carlisle)
Jimmy Cant (Arbroath)
Arthur Mann (Manchester City)
Alan Woodward (Sheffield Utd)

No. 2332 - dated 07 March, 1970
George Ley (Portsmouth)
Keith Weller (Millwall)
Tony Currie (Sheffield Utd)
Bert Slater (Watford)
Willie Anderson (Aston Villa)
Kit Napier (Brighton)
Tony Knapp (Tranmere)
Stan Rankin (Morton)
Brian Greenhalgh (Huddersfield)
Derek Whiteford (Airdrie)
Jim Cook (Kilmarnock)

No. 2334 - dated 21 March, 1970
Jim Pearce (Spurs)
Alan Kelly (Preston)
Mike Coop (Coventry)
Chris Garland (Bristol City)
Dave Webb (Chelsea)
Eddie Mulheron (Clyde)
Peter Broadbent (Stockport)
Alex Willoughby (Aberdeen)
Billy Gray (Morton)
John Farrington (Leicester)
Ken Mallender (Norwich)

No. 2336 - dated 04 April, 1970
Benny Rooney (St Johnstone)
Les Massie (Workington)
Clint Boulton (Port Vale)
Mike Channon (Southampton)
Ian Ure (Manchester United)
Lou Macari (Celtic)
Alan Whittle (Everton)
Charlie Bell (Chesterfield)
Paul Jonquin (Airdrie
Jackie Sinclair (Sheffield Wednesday)
Mel Nurse (Swansea)

No. 2338 - dated 18 April, 1970
Jimmy Quinn (Celtic)
Gordon Riddick (Charlton)
Eddie Gray (Leeds)
Alan Stephenson (West Ham)
Eric Ross (Northampton)
Jim Black (Hibernian)
Warwick Rimmer (Bolton)
Fred Pickering (Blackpool)
Bobby Ham (Bradford City)
Steve Perryman (Spurs)
Brian Reid (Brechin City)

No. 2340 - dated 02 May, 1970
Alan Oakes (Manchester City)
Graham Lovett (Albion)
Carlo Sartori (Manchester United)
Tony Connell (St Mirren)
Jim McCalliog (Wolves)
Tery Yorath (Leeds United)
Charlie George (Arsenal)
Alan Ball (Queen of the South)
Alan Hudson (Chelsea)
Larry lloyd (Liverpool)
Jim Henry (Dundee United)

No. 2342 - dated 16 May, 1970
Tommy Wright (England)
Pele (Brazil)
C. Dinu (Romania)
Brian Labone (England)
H. Haller (West Germany)
A. Shalamanov (Bulgaria)
P. Trappeniers (Blegium)
A. Horvath (Czechoslovakia)
G. Rivera (Italy)
L. Semmeling (Belgium)
G. Asparoukhov (Bulgaria)

No. 2344 - dated 30 May, 1970
D. Dias (Brazil)
F. Dumitrache (Bulgaria)
J. Adamec (Czecholsovakia)
P. van Himst (Belgium)
Mike Jones (England)
L. Riva (Italy)
W. Overath (West Germany)
D. Yakimov (Bulgaria)
G. Fachetti (Italy)
Terry Cooper (England)
O. Persson (Sweden)

No. 2346 - dated 13 June, 1970
Alex Ingram (Nottingham Forest)
Ron Harris (Chelsea)
David Ford (Newcastle United)
Mervyn Jones (Hibernian)
Willie Carr (Coventry City)
George Eastham (Stoke City)
John Bolton (Raith Rovers)
Dave Stewart (Ayr United)
Calvin Palmer (Sunderland)
Harry Wilcoxon (Sheffield Wednesday)
Sammy Todd (Burnley)

No. 2348 - dated 27 June, 1970
Freddie Hill (Manchester City)
Les Green (Derby)
Harry Glasgow (Clyde)
Colin Viljoen (Ipswich)
Ken Wagstaffe (Hull)
C. Balderstone (Carlisle)
John O'Rourke (Coventry)
Terry Dyson (Colchester)
Keith Bebbington (Oldham)
Fred Aitken (St Johnstone)
Jim Brogan (Celtic)

No. 2350 - dated 11 July, 1970
John Fitzpatrick (Manchester United)
Tony Brown (W.B.A.)
Colin Sinclair (Raith Rovers)
Peter Eustace (West Ham)
Terry Hennessey (Derby County)
B. Fairbrother (Orient)
Alan MacDonald (Kilmarnock)
M. Doherty (Burnley)
Dave Marshall (Airdrie)
F. Worthington (Huddersfield)
Mike O'Grady (Wolves)

No. 2352 - dated 25 July, 1970
Stuart Markland (Dundee United)
Tommy Baldwin (Chelsea)
Mark Lazarus (Orient)
Bertie Auld (Celtic)
Harry Burrows (Stoke)
Mick Bates (Leeds)
Trevor Cherry (Huddersfield)
Eric Stevenson (Hibernian)
Tom Hutchinson (Blackpool)
Malcolm Daling (Norwich)
Billy Hughes (Sunderland)

No. 2354 - dated 08 August, 1970
Dennis Rofe (Orient)
Colin Harvey (Everton)
Willie Callachan (Dunfermline)
Phil Boersma (Liverpool)
Graham French (Luton)
Jackie McInally (Motherwell)
John Jackson (Crystal Palace)
Tommy Booth (Manchester City)
Jim Nicholson (Huddersfield)
Dick Malone (Ayr Utd)
John Hickton (Middlesbrough)

No. 2356 - dated 22 August, 1970
Dennis Smith (Stoke)
Jim Montgomery (Sunderland)
Bert Lutton (Wolves)
Doug Livermore (Liverpool)
Eamon Rogers (Blackburn)
Andy Lockhead (Aston Villa)
James Neighbour (Spurs)
Sam Goodwin (Airdrie)
Len Cantello (W.B.A.)
Bob McNab (Arsenal)
A. Kinninmouth (Dundee)

No. 2358 - dated 05 September, 1970
Tom Jenkins (Southampton)
Frank Carrodus (Manchester City)
John Craggs (Newcastle)   -   typo amended 15-04-2020  -  thanks to Mark Hughesdon
Liam O'Kane (Nottingham Forest)
Steve Kindon (Burnley)
Gerry Humphreys (Luton)   -   typo amended 15-04-2020  -  thanks to Mark Hughesdon
Billy Mathieson (Rangers)
Vic Davidson (Celtic)
Malcolm Clarke (Hartlepool)
Norman Piper (Portsmouth)
Billy Hulston (Clyde)

No. 2360 - dated 19 September, 1970
Mick McNeill (Ipswich Town)
Tommy Rae (Partick Thistle)
John Byrom (Bolton Wanderers)
Harry Redknapp (West Ham)
Brian Joicey (Coventry)
Jim Cameron (Dundee Utd)
Peter Mellor (Burnley)
Jack Whitham (Liverpool)
Alan Warboys (Sheffield Wed)
Cecil Irwin (Sunderland)
Neill Hood (Ayr Utd)

No. 2362 - dated 03 October, 1970
Joe Harper (Aberdeen)
Bobby Owen (Carlisle)
Arthur Duncan (Hibernian)
Bobby Gould (Wolves)
Gordon Wallace (Dundee)
Millar Hay (Clyde)
John Sissons (Sheff. Wed)
Joe Baker (Sunderland)
Malcolm Beard (Birmingham City)
Barrie Hole (Swansea City)
Davie Provan (Crystal Palace)

No. 2364 - dated 17 October, 1970
John Farrington (Leicester City)
Frank Spraggon (Middlesbrough)
Ian Cowan (Southend)
Ron Wigg (Watford)
John McPhee (Barnsley)
John Robson (Derby County)
George Curtis (Aston Villa)
Tom Jackson (Everton)
George Miller (Falkirk)
Mike Bullock (Orient)
Alistair Robertson (W.B.A.)

No. 2366 - dated 31 October, 1970
Malcolm MacDonald (Luton)   -   typo amended 15-04-2020  -  thanks to Mark Hughesdon
Jim Kerr (Blackburn)
Ian Butler (Watford)
Hugh Gilshan (St Mirren)
John Muir (St Johnstone)
John Pugh (Sheffield Wednesday)
Peter Oliver (Hearts)
Keith Newton (Everton)
Ron Rees (Nottingham Forest)
Eric Skeels (Stoke)
Mick Mills (Ipswich)

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