Sunday 25 August 2013

Birmingham Evening Mail - Birmingham City Wembley 1995 (A4)

Birmingham City Wembley 1995
Birmingham Evening Mail
18 Prints

I don't have any examples of these. The cartoons were drawn by Colin Whitlock and are A4 size.
UPDATE (01-03-2020 17:04):  Finally found a scan of one of these prints and I've added a few names to the checklist.

Dave Barnett   -   added 01-03-2020
Ian Bennett
Steve Claridge
Gary Cooper
Liam Daish
Jose Dominguez
Louie Donowa   -   added 01-03-2020
Kevin Francis
Ricky Otto
Gavin Poole   -   added 01-03-2020
Peter Shearer   -   added 01-03-2020
Mark Ward
Chris Whyte
Gary Williams
Paul Williams   -   added 01-03-2020

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