Saturday 31 August 2013

Kiddy's Favourites - Popular Olympics

Popular Olympics
Kiddy's Favourites
52 cards

Only one known footballer in this collection. Fairly basic cards, roughly cigarette card size, that came out just a few years after the end of the war, when paper was still rationed. 
UPDATE:  Just one name missing from the checklist.
UPDATE (24-08-2016 10:14):  Checklist complete.

1.  Patsy Elsener (Diving)
2.  Denis Shore (Athletics)
3.  John Treloar (Athletics)
4.  Eric Liddell (Athletics)
5.  Forbes Gentleman (Water Polo)
6.  Fritze Nathansen (Swimming)
7.  Fidel La Barba (Boxing)
8.  Jack Wardrop (Swimming)   -   updated   -   thanks to Indefatigable
9.  Robert Wardrop (Swimming)
10.  Henry Carpentier (Boxing)
11.  Peter Keenan (Boxing)
12.  Ron Cooper (Boxing)   -   updated   -   thanks to Colin Greig
13.  Max Shacklady (Boxing)
14.  Tommy Proffitt (Boxing)
15.  Alan Paterson (Athletics)
16.  Elinor Gordon (Swimming)
17.  Karl Ameisbichler (Boxing)
18.  Tommy Miller (Boxing)
19.  Jack Gardner (Boxing)
20.  Johnny Wright (Boxing)
21.  Peter Brander (Boxing)
22.  Cpl. Donald Scott (Boxing)
23.  Errki Kataja (Athletics)
24.  John Winter (Athletics)
25.  Les Philips (Athletics)
26.  Steve Seymour (Athletics)   -   updated  -  thanks to
27.  Paul Schaeffer (Football)
28.  Monique Berlioux (Swimming)
29.  Jean Sepheriades (Rowing)
30.  Don Finlay (Athletics)
31.  E. McDonald Bailey (Athletics)
32.  Eddie Conwell (Athletics)   -   updated   -   thanks to Indefatigable
33.  J.C. Wilkinson (Athletics)
34.  C. T. White (Athletics)
35.  H. G. Tarraway (Athletics)
36.  J.P. Reardon (Athletics)
37.  Arthur Wint (Athletics)   -   updated  -  thanks to Anonymous
38.  Sydney Wooderson (Athletics)
39.  Willie Slykhuis (Athletics)
40.  Lennart Strand (Athletics)
41.  Gil Dodds (Athletics)   -   updated  -  thanks to Anonymous
42.  Reli Pujazon (Athletics)
43.  Peiko Zatopek (Athletics)
44.  Styl Kryiakides (Athletics)
45.  Jack Holden (Athletics)
46.  Maureen Gardner (Athletics)
47.  Reg Harris (Cycling)
48.  Roy Romain (Swimming)
49.  Cathie Gibson (Swimming)
50.  Mel Patton (Athletics)
51.  Jesse Owens (Athletics)
52.  Lord Burghley (Athletics)


  1. No 37 is Arthur Wint and No. 41 is Gil Dodds

  2. Card 8 is Jack Wardrop a GB swimmer.
    Card 32 is Eddie Conwell from USA and an Athlete.

    Do you require the list of Popular Footballers also from Kiddy's Favourites?

    1. Thanks for your help. I think I've got a complete list of Kiddy's Favourites' Popular Footballers. I haven't got around to posting it yet.


  3. Alan

    Do you have the details of the error card for the Popular Footballers as I don't think it is listed in the British Trade Book/Index as far as I know.



    1. Tomorrow I hope to publish all I know about the various Kiddys Favourites football card sets.


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