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W.D. & H.O. Wills - Homeland Events (02) - New Zealand

Homeland Events
W.D. & H.O. Wills
New Zealand
50 (2 football related)

The backs of the New Zealand version differ from those issued in the United Kingdom. The New Zealand version is on the left but I've had to use a non-football example.
UPDATE (06-01-2018 12:51):  The back of one of the New Zealand football cards added, you will note that the back of the card states 'A series of 50 real photographs.'
UPDATE (09-09-2021 15:39):  Thanks to Pat's research (see comment below) the date of issue for this New Zealand version has been amended from 1932 to 1927 and the 'Cup Final at Wembley' card shows Bolton Wanderers against Manchester City. As there are less cards in this set than the one issued in the United Kingdom I think it would be a good idea to track down the checklist.
UPDATE (09-09-2021 16:17):  A complete checklist has been added.
UPDATE (22-08-2022 09:06):  Scans of the two football-related cards added.

1.  Lawn Tennis at Wimbledon
2.  London Cart Horse Parade
3.  The Lord Mayor's Show (1)
4.  Braemar Royal Highland Gathering
5.  A Morning Canter. Rotten Row
6.  Polo at Hurlingham
7.  The Maoris v Somerset (Rugby Union)
8.  Boxing at the Albert Hall
9.  With the Otter Hounds
10.  Royal Air Force Pageant
11.  The Motor Show
12.  The King's Prize, Bisley
13.  Ascot Sunday at Boulter's Lock
14.  Cup Final Scenes in London (actually showing the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace)
15.  Meet of the Coaching Club
16.  Trooping the Colours
17.  Scenes at the Zoo (1)
18.  The Yeomen of the Guard
19.  Tossing the Pancake
20.  The Cup Final at Wembley (1926 F.A. Cup Final - Bolton Wanderers v Manchester City)
21.  State Opening of Parliament
22.  Alexandra Rose Day (1)
23.  Alexandra Rose Day (2)
24.  Alexandra Rose Day (3)
25.  The Grand National Steeplechase
26.  Foxhunting (1)
27.  St. Patrick's Day (1)
28.  The Naval Review
29.  May Eights Week, Cambridge (Rowing)
30.  Foxhunting (2)
31.  St. Patrick's Day (2)
32.  Rememerance Day (1)
33.  Motor Racing at Brooklands
34.  Cricket at Lords (1)
35.  Foxhunting (3)
36.  Rememberance Day
37.  The Lord Mayor's Show (2)
38.  Cricket at Lords (2)
39.  The Derby (1)
40.  Greyhound Racing (1)
41.  Cowes Regatta
42.  Launch of  H.M.A.S. "Canberra" (1)
43.  The Derby (2)
44.  Greyhound Racing (2)
45.  Golf at St. Andrews
46.  Launch of  H.M.A.S. "Canberra" (2)
47.  Pheasant Shooting
48.  Scenes at the Zoo (2)
49.  Royal Ascot
50.  A Cubbing Morn


  1. Hi Alan, I've been trying to disentangle these two sets and thought you might be interested in what I've found. I believe there were two different sets, one issued overseas in 1927, which contained 50 cards, and then a similar set issued in the UK in 1932 with 54 cards.

    The pictures sometimes match but the text on the back is often different, as is the numbering. The backs are printed the opposite way up on the two sets, which helps tell them apart. The Wills logo at the bottom is also diffe3rent, as your picture shows.

    As for the FA Cup Finals shown, Card 41 in the 1932 set mentions the 1931 Final between West Brom and Birmingham, and Card 20 in the 1927 set looks to be Jack scoring Bolton's winner against Man City in the 1926 Final.

    1. Hi Pat,

      Thank you for your help with this set, I think I'm going to have to try and compile a checklist for this 50-card version.

    2. I found a complete set for sale, with all cards shown!


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