Saturday, 8 April 2017

A&BC - (AAB-320/ABF-10-2) Footballers - 1st/2nd Series - 1960-61 Black backs (03) - John Wilson

(AAB-320-1/ABF-10-2) Footballers - 1st/2nd Series
84 cards

Another error card from this collection. The card with white biography on a black background is the hard-to-find version. The card was originally produced with part of the back of the Tom Wilson card (No. 25) - I have never seen this original card but I have spliced parts of cards 25 and 41 to show what it would look like. This version was then overprinted with the correct name and the biography of John Wilson, it is possible to see parts of the original biography of Tom Wilson showing through the overprinted section. In later printings the card has been corrected. Finally, I have also included scans of both sides of the Tom Wilson card.

(AAB-320-1/ABF-10-2) Footballers - 1st Series

41.  John Wilson (St. Mirren)  -  Tom Wilson name and biography on the back
41.  John Wilson (St. Mirren)  -  Tom Wilson name and biography on the back overprinted with John Wilson name and biography
41.  John Wilson (St. Mirren)  -  Correct, with John Wilson name and biography

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