Saturday 8 April 2017

Futera - Liverpool F.C. (1998) (02) - Redemption sets


Liverpool F.C.
2 cards

Here are both of the 3-card Redemption sets. It is possible to find these cards numbered and unnumbered.

OL1.  Oyvind Leonhardsen Certification Card

OL2.  Oyvind Leonhardsen Picture Card
OL3.  Oyvind Leonhardsen Redemption Card
SM1.  Steve McManaman Certification Card
SM2.  Steve McManaman Picture Card
SM3.  Steve McManaman Redemption Card


  1. Espen Kittilsen23 July 2021 at 23:43

    Hello there. I have one of this set in Mint condition. My Steve mcmannaman redemption card series are punched and Stamped AS reedemed at Futera 10 november 1999.
    I also have orginal leter from Futera.
    My card serie is 041/100

    1. Hi Espen,

      That's interesting and very rare. I've never come across images of a redeemed set.


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