Friday 7 April 2017

Merrysweets Ltd / Soccer Bubble Gum - (MER-080-2/ SOC-1-2) Soccer Teams - Series 2

(MER-080-2/SOC-1-2) Soccer Teams ~ Series 2
Merrysweets Ltd / Soccer Bubble Gum
48 cards

1.  Luton Town F.C.
2.  Manchester City F.C.
3.  Manchester United F.C.
F. Goodwin, A. Dawson, R. Cope, H. Gregg, I. Greaves, S. Crowther, D. Viollet, E. Taylor, W. Foulkes, C. Webster, R. Charlton
4.  Middlesbrough F.C.
5.  Newcastle United F.C.
J. Scoular, R. Batty, R. Stokoe, R. Simpson, A. McMichael, T. Casey, J. Hill, R. Davies, W. Curry, G. Eastham, R. Mitchell
6.  Northampton Town F.C.
7.  Nottingham Forest F.C.
8.  Notts County F.C.
9.  Preston North End F.C.
T. Docherty, W. Cunningham, F. Else, J. Dunn, J. Walton, F. O'Farrell, D. Mayers, T, Thompson, T. Finney, J. Baxter, S. Taylor
10.  Oldham Athletic F.C.
11.  Southampton F.C.
12.  Swansea Town F.C.
13.  Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
14.  Scunthorpe United F.C.
L. Sharpe, F. Marshall, B. Horstead, K. Hardwick, A. Bushby, J. Hubbard, J. Brownsword, J. Marriott, R. Waldock, E. Davies, J. Haigh, M. Jones
15.  Sheffield United F.C.
16.  Southport F.C.
17.  Stockport County F.C.
18.  Stoke City F.C.
19.  West Bromwich Albion F.C.
20.  West Ham United F.C.
K. Brown, M. Allison, J. Bond, E. Gregory, N. Cantwell, A. Malcolm, M. Grice, J. Smith, W. Dare, J. Dick, M. Musgrove
21.  Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.
G. Harris, E. Clamp, E. Stuart, M. Finlayson, N. Dwyer, R. Flowers, J. Mullen, W. Slater, J. Gardiner (Trainer), N. Deeley, P. Broadbent, W. Wright, R. Mason, C. Booth, Mr. S. Cullis (Manager), J. Murray, G. Showell
22.  Workington F.C.
23.  Wrexham F.C.
24.  Ipswich Town F.C.
25.  Arsenal F.C.
26.  Aston Villa F.C.
27.  Charlton Athletic F.C.
28.  Chelsea F.C.
Micky Block, Brian Nicholas, Peter Sillett, Reg Matthews, John Mortimore, Ron Tindall; Tony Nicholas, Dick Whittaker (Wittaker on card!), Derek Saunders, Peter Brabrook, Jimmy Greaves  -  thanks to Nik Yeomans
29.  Barnsley F.C.
R. Wood, F. Bartlett, H. Hough, J. Short, D. Sharp, C. Swift, J. Edgar, E. Anderson, L. Chappell, F. Beaumont, J. McCann
30.  Birmingham City F.C.
J. Newman, G. Allen, K. Green, D. Fairhurst (Physio.), G. Merrick, J. Watts, B. Orritt, Mr. A. Turner (Manager), P. Murphy, A. Govan, R. Neal, T. Smith, N. Kinsey, J. Hall, R. Shaw (Trainer), B. Farmer, G. Astall, E. Brown, B. Larkin
31.  Blackburn Rovers F.C.
32.  Blackpool F.C.
33.  Bolton Wanderers F.C.
34.  Bradford City F.C.
35.  Brighton & Hove Albion F.C.
36.  Bury F.C.
37.  Burnley F.C.
38.  Darlington F.C.
39.  Derby County F.C.
40.  Doncaster Rovers F.C.
41.  Everton F.C.
42.  Fulham F.C.
43.  Grimsby Town F.C.
44.  Huddersfield Town F.C.
R. Wilson, R. Ramsey, A. Conwell, N. Kennon, E. Daley, W. McGarry, J. Connor, B. Ginbson, L. Massie, S. Hepton, K. McHale, A. Bain, R. Cockerill, R. Simpson, V. Metcalfe, K. Taylor
45.  Hull City F.C.
46.  Leeds United F.C.
47.  Liverpool F.C.
48.  Leyton Orient F.C.


  1. 28 Chelsea team: Back: Micky Block, Brian Nicholas, Peter Sillett, Reg Matthews, John Mortimore, Ron Tindall. Front: Tony Nicholas, Dick Whittaker (Wittaker on card!), Derek Saunders, Peter Brabrook and Jimmy Greaves.

  2. Stuart Fairbridge8 April 2023 at 22:20

    Hi mate I have the set of these if you want me to email you the backs for the team line ups you are missing

    1. Hi Stuart,

      That would be great, thank you.

      It's a project I started about 20 years ago, but I haven't worked on it for many years.



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