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A&BC - (AAB-020/ABF-1) All Sports

(AAB-020/ABF-1) All Sports
120 cards

The cards have blank back. I've included the card of Allan Watkins who played football for Plymouth Argyle and Cardiff City.
UPDATE (26-07-2018 18:41):  I've been reminded by Ken Renno that Denis Compton is another who played football and cricket. It's strange how this fact has been omitted from his card even though the card for his brother does make reference to his dual sporting connections, along with a few others through the set. Both Denis and Lesley played for Arsenal for many years.

AAB-020a / ABF-1 All Sports - glossy front
AAB-020b / ABF-1 All Sports - matt front
AAB-020a / ABF-1 All Sports - pink-tinted front (proof)

1.  Tommy Lawton (Arsenal and England)
2.  Derek Ufton (Charlton Athletic and England)
3.  Walley Barnes (Arsenal and Wales)
4.  Tom Garrett (Blackpool and England)
5.  Jimmy Mullen (Wolverhampton Wanderes and England)
6.  Tom Finney (Preston North End and England)
7.  Stan. Matthews (Blackpool and England)
8.  Roy Clarke (Manchester City and Wales)
9.  Sid O'Linn (Charlton Athletic)
10.  Len Shackleton (Sunderland and England)
11.  Roy Bentley (Chelsea and England)
12.  Bill Eckersley (Blackburn Rovers and England
13.  Frank Blunstone (Chelsea)
14.  Jimmy Dickinson (Portsmouth and England)
15.  Leslie Compton (Arsenal and England; Middlesex C.C.C.)
16.  Tony Lock (Cricket)
17.  Trevor Bailey (Cricket)
18.  Denis Compton (Middlesex County Cricket Club and England)
19.  Arthur Milton (Gloucestershire C.C.C.; Arsenal and England)
20.  Jim Laker (Cricket)
21.  Godfrey Evans (Cricket)
22.  Don Kenyon (Cricket)
23.  Len Hutton (Cricket)
24.  M. C. Cowdrey (Cricket)
25.  Douglas Wright (Cricket)
26.  Bill Edrich (Cricket)
27.  E. McDonald Baily (Athletics)
28.  Sir Gordon Richard (Horse Racing)
29.  Stirling Moss (Motor Racing)
30.  Jackie Kyle (Rugby)
31.  Tony Mottram (Tennis)
32.  Geoff. Paish (Tennis)
33.  Don Cockell (Boxing)
34.  Johnny Leach (Table Tennis)
35.  Chick Zamick (Ice Hockey)
36.  Cliff Ryan (Ice Hockey)
37.  Sonny Rost (Ice Hockey)
38.  Malcolm Davidson (Ice Hockey)
39.  Ray Gariepy (Ice Hockey)
40.  George Beach (Ice Hockey)
41.  Lefty Wilmot (Ice Hockey)
42.  Ron. Allen (West Bromwich Albion and Englandl)
43.  Ray Barlow (West Bromwich Albion)
44.  Danny Blanchflower (Aston Villa and Ireland)
45.  Roy Tattersall (Cricket)
46.  Tom Graveney (Cricket)
47.  Geoff. Duke (Motor Cycling)
48.  "Split" Waterman (Speedway)
49.  Diana Rowe (Table Tennis)
50.  Rosalind Rowe (Table Tennis)
51.  John Charles (Leeds United and Wales)
52.  Frank Lowson (Cricket)
53.  Willie Watson (Yorkshire C.C.C.; Sunderland and England)
54.  Ferenc Puskas (Hungarian Football Star)
55.  Gyula Lorant (Hungarian Football Star)
56.  Jozsef Bozcik (Hungarian Football Star)
57.  Sandor Kocsis (Hungarian Football Star)
58.  Albert Quixall (Sheffield Wednesday and England)
59.  Allenby Chilton (Manchester United and England)
60.  Henry Cockburn (Manchester United and England)
61.  Vic. Metcalfe (Huddersfield Town  and England)
62.  Ron. Burgess (Tottenham Hotspur and Wales)
63.  Nat. Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers and England)
64.  Brian Statham (Cricket)
65.  Alan Watkins (Cricket) (sic - Allan Watkins)
66.  Tommy Price (Speedway)
67.  Eric Williams (Speedway)
68.  Bill Kitchen (Speedway)
69.  Freddie Williams (Speedway)
70.  Randolph Turpin (Boxing)
71.  Jack Biggs (Speedway)
72.  Jeff Lloyd (Speedway)
73.  Maury Dunn (Speedway)
74.  Bill Johnson (Ice Hockey)
75.  Joe Shack (Ice Hockey)
76.  Tony Licari (Ice Hockey)
77.  Max Faulkner (Golf)
78.  Peter Keenan (Boxing)
79.  Reg. Parnell (Motor Racing)
80.  Peter Alp (Swimming)
81.  Kath Banfield (Swimming)
82.  Barbara Kingston (Swimming)
83.  Jean Biggs (Swimming)
84.  Ken Smith (Swimming)
85.  George Robb (Tottenham Hotspur and England)
86.  Jack Young (Cricket)
87.  Harry Bradshaw (Golf)
88.  Fred. Daly (Golf)
89.  Gordon Bradley (Tennis)
90.  Bobby Riggs (Tennis)
91.  Jack Robertson (Cricket)
92.  Rob. Hunt (Speedway)
93.  Cyril Washbrook (Cricket)
94.  Henk De Bruin (Speedway)
95.  Sammy McCarthy (Boxing)
96.  Joyce Clarke (Swimming)
97.  Alan Moss (Cricket)
98.  Helan Yate (Swimming)
99.  Don Bennett (Middlesex C.C.C. and Arsenal)
100.  Peggy Franks (Table Tennis)
101.  Lew Grepp (Speedway)
102.  Alan Packman (Speedway)
103.  Dennis Hinson (Boxing)
104.  Les Morgan (Boxing)
105.  "Ginger" John (Boxing)
106.  Sam Langford (Boxing)
107.  Henry Cooper (Boxing)
108.  Bruce Wells (Boxing)
109.  John Thurgood (Boxing)
110.  Giampiero Boniperti (Italian Football Star)
111.  Nandor Hidegkuti (Hungarian Football Star)
112.  Wim Snoek (Boxing)
113.  Heinz Neuhaus (Boxing)
114.  Alex Jany (Swimming)
115.  Hugo Koblet (Cycling)
116.  Jack Dempsey (Boxing)
117.  Georges Carpentier (Boxing)
118.  Billy Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderes and England)
119.  Harold Dixon (Swimming)
120.  Derek Dickson (Swimming)

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