Monday 4 July 2016

T.E. Jones & Co., Aberavon - (H.234/J30-3) Footballers

(H.234/J30-3) Footballers
T.E. Jones & Co., Aberavon
52 cards

These are rugby players, though the title doesn’t indicate that, so I thought I’d include the checklist here just in case anyone was wondering what footballers they are. The cards are extremely rare

1.  H. Alexander (Penarth)
2.  W.J. Bancroft (Swansea)
3.  Selwyn Biggs (Cardiff)
4.  Jos. Booth (Pontyminster)
5.  J. Boothman (Crumlin)
6.  A.W. Boucher (Newport)
7.  C. Brice (Aberavon)
8.  F.F. Bush (Penygraig)
9.  F.H. Dauncey (Newport)
10.  Davies (Bridgend)
11.  Ben. Davies (Llanelly)
12.  Joe Davies (Neath)
13.  Tom Davies (Treherbert)
14.  L.T. Deere (Mountain Ash)
15.  G. Dobson (Cardiff)
16.  J. Edwards (Morrison)
17.  J.E. Elliot (Cardiff)
18.  C. Sweet-Escott (Penarth)
19.  E. George (Pontypridd)
20.  W. Gibbs (Penarth)
21.  F. Gordon (Swansea)
22.  A.J. Gould (Newport)
23.  Mat Hannan (Newport)
24.  R. Hellings (Llwynypia)
25.  H.V.P. Huzzey (Cardiff)
26.  D. James (Swansea)
27.  Evan James (Swansea)
28.  S.B. James (Carnarthen)
29.  Will. James (Aberavon)
30.  W. Jones (Neath)
31.  G. Lewis (Cowbridge)
32.  J. Lewis (Treorky)
33.  W.M. Llewellyn (Llwynypia)
34.  Evan Lloyd (Llanelly)
35.  L. Lloyd (Newport)
36.  Morgan (Brynmawr)
37.  D. Morgan (Llanelly)
38.  Wm. Morris (Llanelly)
39.  Gwyn Nicholls (Cardiff)
40.  W. Phillips (Mountain Ash)
41.  D.J. Price (Neath)
42.  Will. Rees (Aberavon)
43.  J. Reynolds (Neath)
44.  Sam Rice (Swansea)
45.  D. Sutton (Cwmbran)
46.  E. Vigars (Neath)
47.  Morgan Williams (Llanelly)
Emlyn Lewis (Treherbert)
Dan Jones (Aberavon)
R.B. Sweet-Escott (Cardiff)
P.F. Bush (Penygraig)
Brothers James (Swansea) - see cards 26 and 27

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