Wednesday 6 July 2016

D.C. Thomson / Adventure - THO-195-1/THO-8-1&2 Famous British Footballers - English/Scottish issue (02)

THO-195-1/THO-8-1 Famous British Footballers - English issue
THO-195-1/THO-8-2 Famous British Footballers - Scottish issue
D.C. Thomson / Adventure
18 cards

Alan Zimmermann has discovered an interesting variation amongst the cards in this set. He has two cards of Celtic player Tommy McInally. The image on the second card shows a little more of the players left shoulder and right hand, making him look a little smaller. Also one card has a fulls top after his surname and the other one does not.
UPDATE (07-07-2016 17:35):  Thanks to Vernon Young for his help.

THO-195-1 / THO-8-2 Famous British Footballers - Scottish issue

T. McInally (Celtic)  -  surname all capital letters and full stop after surname
T. McInally (Celtic)  -  surname with small 'c' and without full stop after surname

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