Saturday, 9 July 2016

Ogdens St. Bruno Flake - Sporteasers (Beer mats)


Ogdens St. Bruno Flake
6 beer mats (1 football)

There's one beer mat missing from this checklist and is probably a cricket question.

  1. Which athlete has run the longest distance in 1 hour?  Col. Emil Zatopek
  2. Which horse set up the record time for the Derby?  Mahmoud
  3. What was the famnous "long count" in boxing and who were the boxers?  Gene Tunney v Jack Dempsey
  4. Has the F.A. Cup ever been won by a club outside England?  Cardiff in 1927 who beat Arsenal 1-0
  5. What is the highest score recorded in a rugby union game?  Radford School beat Hills Court by 176 points to nil November 20th 1886
  6. ?

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