Sunday, 3 July 2016

Pepsi Cola (Thailand) - Pepsi Pass (02)

Pepsi Pass
Pepsi Cola
32 cards

Thanks to Omar Arellano I was able to publish an illustrated checklist of the 32 cards in this collection. You can see them all here - Pepsi Cola (Thailand) - Pepsi Pass. I know of at least 27 different backs but there may well be others. I’ve included scans of the ones I know of and I’ve listed them here as best I can. Do you know of others?

BTS - 20 unn
BTS - 50 unn
Chesters Grill - 99.-
Chesters Grill - WS!
Dream World
DTAC - Nokia
Dunkin' Donuts'
Dunkin' Donuts' - different
KFC - Pepsi
KFC - 10%
KFC - Spinny
Million Years....
MK Restaurants
Morgan Beat
Oishi Ramen
The Pizza Company
Plaza Shopping Centers
S & P
Safari World - 100, 390, 290
Safari World - 390, 290
Safari World - 780, 870
Siam Park City
Tiger Zoo
Unknown 1
Unknown 2 - with elephant
Unknown 2 - with man

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