Tuesday, 5 July 2016

ASS - Europa-Pokal Quartett (1968)

Europa-Pokal Quartett
28 cards

Alan Zimmermann sent in photos of the four Celtic cards from this collection asking if I had any information on the who issued them and when. The cards were sold as a set in a plastic case with the title card on top. Quartett cards are similar to Top Trumps cards.

Title card.  Eusebio Ferreira (Benfica Lissabon)

A1.  Karl-Heinz Schnellinger (AC Mailand)
A2.  Gianni Rivera (AC Mailand)
A3.  Giovanni Lodetti (AC Mailand)
A4.  Roberto Rosato (AC Mailand)

B1.  Jose Torres (Benfica Lissabon)
B2.  Jose Augusto (Benfica Lissabon)
B3.  Mario Coluna (Benfica Lissabon)
B4.  Antonio Simoes (Benfica Lissabon)

C1.  John Craig (Celtic Glasgow)
C2.  Bolli (sic - Billy) McNeill (Celtic Glasgow)
C3.  Bobby Lennox (Celtic Glasgow)
C4.  Tommi (sic - Jimmy) Johnstone (Celtic Glasgow)

D1.  Mario Corso (Inter Mailand)
D2.  Da Jair Costa (Inter Mailand)
D3.  Giacinto Facchetti (Inter Mailand)
D4.  Sandro Mazzola (Inter Mailand)

E1.  Robert Charlton (Manchester United)
E2.  Braind (sic - Brian) Kidd (Manchester United)
E3.  Norbert Stiles (Manchester United)
E4.  George Best (Manchester United)

F1.  Ignacio Zolo (Real Madrid)
F2.  Amancio Amaro (Real Madrid)
F3.  Ramon Romero Grosco (Real Madrid)
F4.  Francisco Gento (Real Madrid)

Information card 1 (two teams)
Information card 2 (two teams)
Information card 3 (two teams)

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