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Upper Deck - 2016 Upper Deck All-Time Greats Master Collection

2016 Upper Deck All-Time Greats Master Collection
Upper Deck
30 base cards (1 football)

The set was originally announced to be one of 25 cards without any football content, but on release this number has been increased to 30 base cards and Pele has been included amongst the 5 extra stars. All the base cards are autographs, numbered to 20 and there are 10 different versions of each card. I don't have any pictures of the Pele card yet but will add them to this checklist if and when they become available. In the meantime I've included some illustrations provided by Upper Deck. One of the Mystery Redemption cards will get you a David Beckham 2006/07 Real Madrid Match Used Shirt and this jersey is shown too.
This collection doesn't come cheap, it's $15,000 per box, though calling it a box understates it by some distance, it's a hand-crafted wooden box that is made of African Ribbon Mahogany. Each box is numbered and the total run is limited to 200.

What you get for your $15,000:

Hand-crafted wooden box with numbered plaque
1 autographed acrylic box topper
25-card autographed base set
30-card puzzle
1 Michael Jordan Diamond Card
1 Autographed Masterful Paintings card
1 Dual Autograph or Autograph & Cut Signature card
1 Mystery Redemption card

Base Autographs
30 cards
Base Autographs - Clear Spectrum  - #/20
Base Autographs - Copper Spectrum  - #/20
Base Autographs - Dark Blue  - #/20
Base Autographs - Gold  - #/20
Base Autographs - Gold Spectrum  - #/20
Base Autographs - Green  - #/20
Base Autographs - Light Blue  - #/20
Base Autographs - Purple  - #/20
Base Autographs - Red  - #/20
Base Autographs - Silver Spectrum  - #/20

MC-AP.  Arnold Palmer (Golf)
MC-BO.  Bobby Orr (Hockey)
MC-BS.  Barry Sanders (Football)
MC-CM.  Connor McDavid (Hockey)
MC-DP.  Danica Patrick (Motorsports)
MC-ES.  Emmitt Smith (Football)
MC-GSv Georges St-Pierre (MMA)
MC-JE.  John Elway (Football)
MC-JN.  Jack Nicklaus (Golf)
MC-JR.  Jerry Rice (Football)
MC-KG.  Ken Griffey Jr. (Baseball)
MC-LB.  Larry Bird (Basketball)
MC-LJ.  LeBron James (Basketball)
MC-LV.  Lindsey Vonn (Skiing)
MC-MA.  Mario Andretti (Motorsports)
MC-ME.  Mark Messier (Hockey)
MC-MJ.  Michael Jordan (Basketball)
MC-ML.  Mario Lemieux (Hockey)
MC-MM.  Mark McGwire (Baseball)
MC-MS.  Maria Sharapova (Tennis)
MC-MT.  Mike Tyson (Boxing)
MC-NA.  Joe Namath (Football)
MC-NR.  Nolan Ryan (Baseball)
MC-OD.  Oscar De La Hoya (Boxing)
MC-PE.  Pelé (Soccer)
MC-PM.  Peyton Manning (Football)
MC-SL.  Stan Lee (Comics)
MC-TH.  Tony Hawk (Skateboarding)
MC-TW.  Tiger Woods (Golf)
MC-WG.  Wayne Gretzky (Hockey)

Logo Collection Puzzle
30 cards. #/125
PARALLEL: Logo Collection Puzzle - Silver #/50
PARALLEL: Logo Collection Puzzle - Gold #/25

Masterful Pairings Autographs
33 cards

Michael Jordan Diamond Legacy
16 cards

Autographed Box Topper
21 cards

Mystery Redemption Card
200 items - 1 per case
I've only listed the football items, if you need to full list please e-mail me

David Beckham 2006/07 Real Madrid Match Used Shirt
David Beckham AC Milan Match Worn Shirt
Wayne Rooney 2008/09 Manchester United Match Worn Shirt

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