Tuesday 26 January 2016

Live & Kicking magazine - Live & Kicking magazine Playing Cards

Live & Kicking magazine Playing Cards
Live & Kicking magazine
55 cards (1 football)

From the pre-Beckham era, when Ryan Giggs was the only footballer who appeared in freebies like this. A pack of playing cards given away with issue 13 of Live & Kicking magazine in October 1994.

♣Ace.  Bad Boys Inc.
♣2.  Lauren from Neighbours
♣3.  Mark & Gaby from The Big Breakfast
♣4.  Robbie from Take That
♣5.  Tug from Home & Away
♣6.  Madonna
♣7.  Terry from East 17
♣8.  Gary from Take That
♣9.  Rugrats
♣10.  Zoe Ball
♣Jack.  PJ & Duncan AKA (Ant & Dec)
♣Queen.  Raquel from Coronation Street
♣King.  Johnny Depp
♦Ace.  East 17
♦2.  Steve from Coronation Street
♦3.  Winona Ryder
♦4.  Ken from Coronation Street
♦5.  Bianca from Eastenders
♦6.  Tony from East 17
♦7.  Brad from Neighbours
♦8.  John Barrowman
♦9.  BYG
♦10.  Ryan Giggs
♦Jack.  Mark from Take That
♦Queen.  Kylie
♦King.  Rick from Neighbours
♥Ace.  Take That
♥2.  John from East 17
♥3.  Toby Anstis
♥4.  2 Unlimited
♥5.  Emma Forbes
♥6.  Zig & Zag
♥7.  Kenny Reeves
♥8.  Paul Leyshon
♥9.  Sarah from Home & Away
♥10.  Jack from Saved By The Bell
♥Jack.  Eddie Furlong
♥Queen.  Annalise from Neighbours
♥King.  Sean Maguire
♠Ace.  Ace of Base
♠2.  Mark from Neighbours
♠3.  Beth from Brookside
♠4.  Let Loose
♠5.  Howard from Take That
♠6.  Brian from East 17
♠7.  Andi Peters
♠8.  Victor and Margaret from One Foot in the Grave
♠9.  Eternal
♠10.  Paul Nicholls
♠Jack.  Jason from Take That
♠Queen.  Angel from Home & Away
♠King.  Shane from Home & Away
Joker.  Trev
Joker.  Simon
Live & Kicking magazine - Out Every Month! (Bad Boys)


  1. ALlan,
    Recently when looking through the May/June 1997 issue of Cartophilic Notes and News I came across a reference to another set of Live & Kicking Playing Cards, this time David Beckham and Jamie Redknapp are mentioned. The reference appears on page 5752 with two B&W images.

    1. Hi John,

      I've been a member for over 40 years and must have had the issue but I obviously missed that set as I don't have it in my database. Unfortunately, I never kept the magazines for very long. I had a quick look around the internet but only found the 1994 set, so this 1997 issue is something for me to look out for.

  2. Alan, I have just sent you an email with the scanned page.

    1. Thanks for letting me know john, I'll check it out straight away.

      Cheers, Alan.


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