Friday, 29 January 2016

Master Vending - (MAS-170/MCA-4) Cardmaster Did You Know?

(MAS-170/MCA-4) Cardmaster Did You Know?
Master Vending
50 cards

(MAS-170/MCA-4) Did You Know? - Cream back

(MAS-170/MCA-4) Did You Know? - Grey back

1.  Tom Hoyland (Sheffield United)

2.  Bill Leivers (Manchester City)
3.  Joe Haverty (Arsenal)
4.  Tom Finney (Preston North End)
5.  Pat Saward (Aston Villa)
6.  Ray Charnley (Blackpool)
7.  Colin Grainger (Sunderland)
8.  Danny Malloy (Cardiff City)
9.  Mick Meagan (Everton)
10.  Hughie Kelly (Blackpool)
11.  Brian Pilkington (Burnley)
12.  Harry Gregg (Manchester United)
13.  Basil Hayward (Portsmouth)
14.  Ron Saunders (Portsmouth)
15.  Bobby Smith (Tottenham Hotspur)
16.  Bobby Charlton (Manchester United)
17.  Geoff Bradford (Bristol Rovers)
18.  Graham Fincham (Leicester City)
19.  Gerald Summers (West Bromwich Albion)
20.  Colin Baker (Cardiff City)
21.  Billy Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
22.  Billy Liddell (Liverpool)
23.  Don McEvoy (Sheffield Wednesday)
24.  Ralph Gubbins (Bolton Wanderers)
25.  Harry Harris (Portsmouth)
26.  Jack Hedley (Sunderland)
27.  Nat Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers)
28.  Stanley Matthews (Blackpool)
29.  Bill Eckersley (Blackburn Rovers)
30.  Jim Langley (Fulham)
31.  Graham Shaw (Sheffield United)
32.  Alwyn McCuffie (Luton Town)
33.  Tommy McGhee (Portsmouth)
34.  Willie Gardiner (Leicester City)
35.  Ray Barlow (West Bromwich Albion)
36.  Tommy Johnston (Blackburn Rovers)
37.  Tommy Younger (Liverpool)
38.  Brain Clough (Middlesbrough)
39.  Johnny Haynes (Fulham)
40.  Willie Cunningham (Leicester City)
41.  Bob Morton (Luton Town)
42.  Reg Matthews (Chelsea)
43.  Ron Shiner (Sheffield Wednesday)
44.  Jimmy Dugdale (Aston Villa)
45.  Cliff Jones (Tottenham Hotspur)
46.  Billy Elliott (Sunderland)
47.  Bill Perry (Blackpool)
48.  Ken McPherson (Coventry City)
49.  Alex Parker (Falkirk)
50.  Jim Dickinson (Portsmouth)

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