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Select Australia - Hyundai A-League 2008-09 Premium

Hyundai A-League 2008-09 Premium
Select Australia
115 base cards

An album, as shown above, was produced to hold the collection.

1.  Checklist 1
2.  Checklist 2
3.  Checklist 3
4.  Logo / Checklist (Adelaide United)
5.  Paul Agostino (Adelaide United)
6.  Kristian Sarkies (Adelaide United)
7.  Daniel Beltrame (Adelaide United)
8.  Lucas Pantelis (Adelaide United)
9.  Robert Cornthwaite (Adelaide United)
10.  Angelo Costanzo (Adelaide United)
11.  Travis Dodd (Adelaide United)
12.  Isyan Erdogan (Adelaide United)
13.  Eugene Galekovic (Adelaide United)
14.  Jonas Salley (Adelaide United)
15.  Jason Spagnuolo (Adelaide United)
16.  Michael Valkanis (Adelaide United)
17.  Cassio (Adelaide United)
18.  Logo / Checklist (Central Coast Mariners)
19.  Nigel Boogaard (Central Coast Mariners)
20.  Matt Simon (Central Coast Mariners)
21.  Ahmad Elrich (Central Coast Mariners)
22.  Dean Heffernan (Central Coast Mariners)
23.  John Hutchinson (Central Coast Mariners)
24.  Mile Jedinak (Central Coast Mariners)
25.  Matthew Osman (Central Coast Mariners)
26.  Alex Wilkinson (Central Coast Mariners)
27.  Adrian Caceres (Central Coast Mariners)
28.  Greg Owens (Central Coast Mariners)
29.  Sasho Petrovski (Central Coast Mariners)
30.  Dylan Macallister (Central Coast Mariners)
31.  Danny Vukovic (Central Coast Mariners)
32.  Logo / Checklist (Melbourne Victory)
33.  Danny Allsopp (Melbourne Victory)
34.  Grant Brebner (Melbourne Victory)
35.  Leigh Broxham (Melbourne Victory)
36.  Carlos Hernandez (Melbourne Victory)
37.  Michael Thwaite (Melbourne Victory)
38.  Kevin Muscat (Melbourne Victory)
39.  Matthew Kemp (Melbourne Victory)
40.  Michael Theoklitos (Melbourne Victory)
41.  Archie Thompson (Melbourne Victory)
42.  Rodrigo Vargas (Melbourne Victory)
43.  Nick Ward (Melbourne Victory)
44.  Sebastian Ryall (Melbourne Victory)
45.  Ney Fabiano De Oliveira (Melbourne Victory)
46.  Logo / Checklist (Newcastle Jets)
47.  Ante Covic (Newcastle Jets)
48.  Adam D'Apuzzo (Newcastle Jets)
49.  Tarek Elrich (Newcastle Jets)
50.  Joel Griffiths (Newcastle Jets)
51.  Adam Griffiths (Newcastle Jets)
52.  Kaz Patafta (Newcastle Jets)
53.  James Holland (Newcastle Jets)
54.  Jade North (Newcastle Jets)
55.  Jin Hyung Song (Newcastle Jets)
56.  Matt Thompson (Newcastle Jets)
57.  Jobe Wheelhouse (Newcastle Jets)
58.  Shaun Ontong (Newcastle Jets)
59.  Jason Naidovski (Newcastle Jets)
60.  Logo / Checklist (Perth Glory)
61.  Jamie Coyne (Perth Glory)
62.  Adrian Trinidad (Perth Glory)
63.  Hayden Foxe (Perth Glory)
64.  Jamie Harnwell (Perth Glory)
65.  Frank Juric (Perth Glory)
66.  David Tarka (Perth Glory)
67.  Nick Rizzo (Perth Glory)
68.  Jimmy Downey (Perth Glory)
69.  Nikita Rukavytsya (Perth Glory)
70.  Naum Sekulovski (Perth Glory)
71.  Nikolai Topor Stanley (Perth Glory)
72.  Tando Velaphi (Perth Glory)
73.  Eugene Dadi (Perth Glory)
74.  Logo / Checklist (Queensland Glory)
75.  Ben Griffin (Queensland Glory)
76.  Robbie Kruse (Queensland Glory)
77.  Joshua McCloughan (Queensland Glory)
78.  Matt McKay (Queensland Glory)
79.  Chris Grossman (Queensland Glory)
80.  Tahj Minniecon (Queensland Glory)
81.  Craig Moore (Queensland Glory)
82.  Massimo Murdocca (Queensland Glory)
83.  Andrew Packer (Queensland Glory)
84.  Liam Redy (Queensland Glory)
85.  Hyuk Su Seo (Queensland Glory)
86.  Danny Tiatto (Queensland Glory)
87.  Michael Zullo (Queensland Glory)
88.  Logo / Checklist (Sydney FC)
89.  Adam Biddle (Sydney FC)
90.  Clint Bolton (Sydney FC)
91.  Alex Brosque (Sydney FC)
92.  Stuart Musialik (Sydney FC)
93.  Steve Corica (Sydney FC)
94.  Iain Fyfe (Sydney FC)
95.  Terry McFlynn (Sydney FC)
96.  Robbie Middleby (Sydney FC)
97.  Tony Popovic (Sydney FC)
98.  Brendon Santalab (Sydney FC)
99.  John Aloisi (Sydney FC)
100.  Mark Bridge (Sydney FC)
101.  Simon Colosimo (Sydney FC)
102.  Logo / Checklist (Wellington Phoenix)
103.  Jon McKain (Wellington Phoenix)
104.  Tim Brown (Wellington Phoenix)
105.  Jeremy Christie (Wellington Phoenix)
106.  Andrew Durante (Wellington Phoenix)
107.  Daniel (Wellington Phoenix)
108.  Michael Ferrante (Wellington Phoenix)
109.  Adam Kwasnik (Wellington Phoenix)
110.  Vince Lia (Wellington Phoenix)
111.  Tony Lochhead (Wellington Phoenix)
112.  Glen Moss (Wellington Phoenix)
113.  Shane Smeltz (Wellington Phoenix)
114.  Leo Bertos (Wellington Phoenix)
115.  Leilei Gao (Wellington Phoenix)

Hyundai A-League 2008-09 Premium - Qantas Socceroos - 1:4 packets

SR1.  Socceroos Logo / Checklist
SR2.  Joshua Kennedy
SR3.  Lucas Neill
SR4.  Tim Cahill
SR5.  Mile Sterjovski
SR6.  Scott Chipperfield
SR7.  Harry Kewell
SR8.  Mark Bresciano
SR9.  David Carney
SR10.  Scott McDonald
SR11.  Mark Schwarzer
SR12.  Luke Wilkshire
SR13.  Brett Emerton
SR14.  Michael Beauchamp
SR15.  Carl Valeri
SR16.  Brett Holman
SR17.  Jason Culina
SR18.  Vince Grella
SR19.  Nick Carle
SR20.  Jacob Burns
SR21.  Archie Thompson
SR22.  James Holland
SR23.  Michael Peykovic
SR24.  Jade North
SR25.  Mark Viduka
SR26.  Chris Coyne
SR27.  James Troisi
SR28.  Ante Covic
SR29.  Bruce Djite
SR30.  John Aloisi

Hyundai A-League 2008-09 Premium - PlayMakers - 1:16 packets

PM1.  Travis Dodd (Adelaide United)
PM2.  Diego Walsh (Adelaide United)
PM3.  John Hutchinson (Central Coast Mariners)
PM4.  Ahmad Elrich (Central Coast Mariners)
PM5.  Archie Thompson (Melbourne Victory)
PM6.  Danny Allsopp (Melbourne Victory)
PM7.  Matt Thompson (Newcastle Jets)
PM8.  Adam Griffiths (Newcastle Jets)
PM9.  Jamie Harnwell (Perth Glory)
PM10.  Naum Sekulovski (Perth Glory)
PM11.  Matt MaKay (Queensland Glory)
PM12.  Massimo Murdocca (Queensland Glory)
PM13.  Steve Corica (Sydney FC)
PM14.  Terry McFlynn (Sydney FC)
PM15.  Tim Brown (Wellington Phoenix)
PM16.  Daniel (Wellington Phoenix)

Hyundai A-League 2008-09 Premium - Medal Cards - 1:32 packets

M1.  Joel Griffiths (Newcastle Jets) - Johnny Warren Medal
M2.  Joel Griffiths (Newcastle Jets) - Golden Boot
M3.  Gary van Egmond (Newcastle Jets) - Coach f the Year
M4.  Brendan Santalab (Sydney FC) - Best Goal
M5.  Bruce Djite (Adelaide United) - Rising Star
M6.  Michael Theoklitos (Melbourne Victory) - Goalkeeper of the Year

Hyundai A-League 2008-09 Premium - Autograph Cards - 1:32 packets

A1.  Cassio (Adelaide United)
A2.  Alex Wilkinson (Central Coast Mariners)
A3.  Rodrigo Vargas (Melbourne Victory)
A4.  Adam Griffiths (Newcastle Jets)
A5.  Jamie Harnwell (Perth Glory)
A6.  Craig Moore (Queensland Glory)
A7.  Tony Popovic (Sydney FC)
A8.  Shane Smeltz (Wellington Phoenix)

Hyundai A-League 2008-09 Premium - Case Card - Limited Edition 200

Newcastle Jets

Hyundai A-League 2008-09 Premium - Promo cards

91.  Alex Brosque (Sydney FC)
M1.  Joel Griffiths (Johnny Warren Medal)
PM08.  Adam Griffiths (PlayMaker)
SR21.  Archie Thompson (Socceroos)

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