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Unknown issuer (Turkey) - Dünya Kupası 82 Futbol Oyunu / World Cup 82 Football Game


Dünya Kupası 82 Futbol Oyunu / World Cup 82 Football Game
Unknown issuer
36 cards

Ali Murat Atay has sent another  checklist of cards issued in Turkey....
This series I like a lot. It seems it was produced shortly after the 1982 World Cup. Unfortunately the producer is unknown. It is typical of 80's cards; bad printing, bad cardboard, bad ink... but all that makes it all more nostalgic in a way.
It's called 'World Cup 82 Football Game' or 'Dünya Kupası 82 Futbol Oyunu'. Out of the 24 teams at the 1982 World Cup their choice of players is interesting. Nothing from 7 of the teams, including the hosts Spain, Russia, Scotland... But there are player cards from Kuwait, Peru, Algeria, Hungary, and the most interesting to me - a card with a New Zealand player. Three of the cards are team photos, the cup winners Italy, along with the teams in 2nd and 3rd place.

1A.  Zoff (Italy)
2A.  Roberto Rojas (Peru)
3A.  Dziuba (Poland)
4A.  Pezzey (Austria)
5A.  Foster (West Germany)
6A.  Antogononi  (Italy)
7A.  Merian Masney (Czechoslovakia)
8A.  Kunde (Cameroon)
9A.  Rossi (Italy)
10A.  Maradona (Argentina)
11A.  Rummenigge (West Germany)
12A.  1982 World Cup Champions - Team Photo (Italy)

1B.  Turner (New Zealand)
2B.  Tibor Nyilasi (Hungary)
3B.  Kamel (Kuwait)
4B.  Cabrini (Italy)
5B.  Juan Carlos Oblitas (Peru)
6B.  Boniek (Poland)
7B.  Keegan (England)
8B.  Lato (Poland)
9B.  Petroviç (Yugoslavia)
10B.  Zico (Brasil)
11B.  Platini (France)
12B.  1982 World Cup 2nd place - Team Photo (West Germany)

1C.  Panenka (Czechoslovakia)
2C.  Dhaleb (Algeria)
3C.  Belloumi (Algeria)
4C.  Kaltz (West Germany)
5C.  Brooking (England)
6C.  Ardiles (Argentina)
7C.  Glenn Hoddle (England)
8C.  Millkcamps (Belgium)
9C.  Hrubesch (West Germany)
10C.  Vanderberg (Belgium)
11C.  Kempes (Argentina)
12C.  1982 World Cup 3rd place - Team Photo (Poland)

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