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M.M. Frame / Sport Photos, Glasgow - FRA-060/ZB9-47 Smashers (02)

FRA-060/ZB9-47 "Smashers"
M.M. Frame / Sport Photos, Glasgow
96 cards

In the original list I only included the players name as they appeared on the fronts of the cards. Robert Muat has sent in a list of all the players names as they appear on the backs of the cards. He also included a couple of notes:
Note A: Regarding card no. 1, Jacky Watters (Celtic). According to a former workmate who knew Jacky Watters, the player on the front of the card is not him, and this player is wearing a Motherwell kit. Jacky died in 2012 aged 92.
Note B: The photo of Stanley Matthews was taken during the Great Britain v Rest of Europe match at Hampden Park in 1947 in front of a crowd of 134,000 who paid £31,000. The money went to UEFA who were in need of cash following the war. Highlights of the game can be found on British Pathe's website - Great Britain's easy win over the Rest of Europe.

FRA-060 / ZB9-47 Smashers - "Smashers" 20mm long
FRA-060 / ZB9-47 Smashers - "Smashers" 22mm long - team name in brackets
FRA-060 / ZB9-47 Smashers - "Smashers" 25mm long

FRA-060 / ZB9-47 Smashers (booklet 1)

1.  Jacky Watters (Celtic)   -   photo is Willie Watters (Motherwell)
2.  Willie Miller (Celtic)
3.  Archie Baird (Aberdeen)
4.  Jimmy Mason (Third Lanark)
5.  A. Staroscik (Third Lanark)
6.  Willie Ormond (Hibernian)
7.  John Govan (Hibernian)
8.  Jimmy Whitelaw (Falkirk)
9.  Archie Aikman (Falkirk)
10.  Jerry Dawson (Falkirk)
11.  L. Johnstone (Clyde)   -  card states 'Johnston' on the front
12.  Billy Campbell (Morton)
13.  David Cupples (Morton)
14.  J. Divers (Morton)
15.  Bobby Dougan (Hearts)
16.  Willie Waddell (Rangers)
17.  Willie Woodburn (Rangers)
18.  Sammy Cox (Rangers)
19.  Tommy Walker (Chelsea)
20.  R. Evans (Celtic)
21.  Willie Jack (St. Mirren)
22.  R. Mitchell (Third Lanark)
23.  J. Stephen (Bradford)
24.  Stanley Matthews (Blackpool)   -   card states 'Mathews' on the front
25.  Tommy Lawton (Notts County)
26.  R. Ancell (Dundee)
27.  J. Pattillo (Dundee)   -   amended - typo
28.  J. Farquhar (Queesn Park)
29.  D. Letham (Queens Park)
30.  Ronnie Simpson (Queens Park)
31.  Willie Telfer (St. Mirren)
32.  D. McClure (Hearts)

FRA-060 / ZB9-47 Smashers (booklet 2)

33.  J. Whyte (Falkirk)
34.  W. Redpath (Motherwell)
35.  Jack Husband (Partick Thistle)
36.  John Shaw (Rangers)   -   amended
37.  W. O'Donnell (Partick Thistle)
38.  John Paton (Celtic)
39.  W. Gallacher (Celtic)
40.  Stanley Gullan (Clyde)
41.  Jimmy McGowan (Partick Thistle)
42.  G. Hamilton (Aberdeen)
43.  Thomas Wright (Partick Thistle)
44.  W. Findlay (Rangers)
45.  James Ayton (Third Lanark)
46.  E. Milligan (Clyde)
47.  John Johnston (Motherwell)
48.  Andrew Aitken (Queens Park)
49.  E. Rutherford (Rangers)
50.  Neil Fleck (Falkirk)
51.  James White (Morton)
52.  E. Turnbull (Hibernian)
53.  W. Cooper (Aberdeen)
54.  W. Thornton (Rangers)
55.  A. McCulloch (Third Lanark)
56.  Andrew Paton (Motherwell)
57.  J. Young (Third Lanark)
58.  Colin Liddell (Morton)
59.  G. Bremner (Motherwell)
60.  Billy McPhail (Clyde)
61.  Sam Smith (St. Mirren)
62.  A. Kiddie (Aberdeen)
63.  Gordon Smith (Hibernian)
64.  George Young (Rangers)

FRA-060 / ZB9-47 Smashers (booklet 3)

65.  Stanley Mortensen (Blackpool)
66.  Thomas McKenzie (Hearts)
67.  Ian Black (Southampton)
68.  Billy Williamson (Rangers)
69.  J. Brown (Hearts)
70.  Thomas Bogan (Celtic)
71.  Dr. J. Fitzsimmons (Clyde)
72.  James Cowan (Morton)
73.  Willie Kilmarnock (Motherwell)
74.  John Kelly (Third Lanark)
75.  Frank Swift (Manchester City)
76.  H. Balunas (Third Lanark)
77.  W. Hewitt (Partick Thistle)
78.  David Mathie (Motherwell)
79.  Thomas Sloan (Hearts)
80.  Johnny Aitkenhead (Hibernian)   -   amended 28-01-2021  -  thanks to Iain Murray, Robert Muat
81.  Billy Steel (Derby County)
82.  Bert Kinnell (Partick Thistle)
83.  William Houliston (Queen of the South)
84.  William Liddell (Liverpool)   -   amended - typo
85.  Alfons Lesz (St. Mirren)
86.  Arthur Milne (St. Mirren)
87.  James Inglis (Falkirk)
88.  C. Johnstone (Aberdeen)
89.  Joe McLaughlin (Aberdeen)
90.  Peter Galletly (Clyde)
91.  Pat McKenna (Aberdeen)
92.  Willie Rae (Rangers)
93.  Thomas Deans (Clyde)
94.  Tommy Alexander (Morton)
95.  Robert Hogg (Celtic)
96.  Johnny Hepburn (Morton)

FRA-060 / ZB9-47 Smashers - errors/varieties

8.  Jimmy Whitelaw (Falkirk) - mentions 1948
8.  Jimmy Whitelaw (Falkirk) - doesn't mention 1948

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