Sunday, 21 June 2015

Colonial / Kilpatrick's / American Bakeries - Superstar Soccer (Kyle Rote Jr says...)


Superstar Soccer (Kyle Rote Jr says...)
Colonial (Bread) / American Bakeries
Kilpatrick's (Bread) / American Bakeries
50 cards

At least two different versions of this set of fifty cards.

Superstar Soccer (Kyle Rote Jr says...) - Colonial 

Superstar Soccer (Kyle Rote Jr says...) - Kilpatrick's 

1.  Playing Field and Strategy

2.  Player Position and Formation
3.  The Goalkeeper
4.  The Center Fullback
5.  The Wing Fullback
6.  The Center Halfback
7.  The Wing Halfback
8.  The Center Forward
9.  The Wing Forward
10.  The Referee and Linesmen
11.  Fouls, Infractions
12.  The Offside Law
13.  Free Kicks
14.  Ball Out of Play
15.  Glossary of Soccer Terms
16.  Kicking with Inside of Foot
17.  Kicking with Inside of Instep
18.  Kicking with Full Instep
19.  Kicking with Outside of Instep
20.  The Volley Kick
21.  The Half-Volley Kick
22.  Kicking with the Base of the Heel
23.  Trapping with the Sole of the Foot
24.  Trapping with Inside of the Foot
25.  Trapping with the Outside of the Foot
26.  Trapping Ball in the Air with Inside of Foot
27.  Trapping the Ball in the Air with Full Instep
28.  Trapping the Ball with the Thigh
29.  Trapping the Ball with the Chest
30.  The forward Header
31.  Heading the Ball to the Rear
32.  Dribbling with the Ball
33.  The Single Feint Dribble
34.  The Double Feint Dribble
35.  Tackling the Ball
36.  Shoulder tackle or Charge
37.  The Sliding Tackle
38.  Throw-Ins
39.  Goalkeeper Catching Ground Ball Head-on
40.  Goalkeeper Catching Ground Ball to the Side
41.  Goalkeeper Catching a Waist High Ball
42.  Goalkeeper Catching Ball Above the Head
43.  Goalkeeper Deflecting or Punching the Ball
44.  Goalkeeper Diving for the Ball
45.  Goalkeeper Clearing with Underhand Throw
46.  Goalkeeper Clearing with Overhead throw
47.  Goalkeeper Clearing with a Punt
48.  Setting up a Wall
49.  The Chip Pass
50.  The Wall Pass

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