Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Nabisco / Shredded Wheat - Football League Ladder (02)

Football League Ladder
Nabisco / Shredded Wheat
4 sheets

I previously stated that I didn't know what these team labels were meant to be used for. Paul Chauveau contacted Roger Pashby, who then got in touch with me and sent the following link - http://cerealoffers.com/Cereal_Partners/Shredded_Wheat/1970-74/Football_League_Ladder/football_league_ladder.html, which solves the mystery. A 1972-73 League Ladder featuring Divisions One and Two
The original checklist can be found here - Nabisco / Shredded Wheat - Club Names.
I am very grateful to Nick Symes who runs the Cereal Offers website, for allowing me to use the two scans shown here.

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