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Clarnico (Clarke, Nicholls & Coombs) / H. Poppleton & Sons Ltd. - CLA-320 Clarnico Footballers / ZJF-360/ZJ5-30 Footballers


CLA-320 Clarnico Footballers
ZJF-360/ZJ5-30 Footballers
Clarnico (Clarke, Nicholls & Coombs) / H. Poppleton & Sons Ltd.
96 cards

Rare cards, that have appeared in Cartophilic Society reference books in a couple of guises, as listed above. Very rare cards, the players are listed here by surname. They are usually found with plain backs, but some, perhaps all, can be found imprinted on the back with a Poppleton rubber stamp.

When I originally compiled information about this collection I wasn't too bothered about recording the team caption as it appeared on the card. Speed was of the essence, WHU and QPR were quicker to write. I've amended team names so that they are shown in full. Only those marked *** are confirmed as being as they appear on the cards.
UPDATE (23-06-2015):  Bob Thomas has been in touch to let me know the captions on the cards for some of these cards. All those from Bob's notes are identified with ^.
UPDATE (24-06-2015):  Updated from 1920s to 1923. See the comment from Lee West below.
UPDATE (25-06-2015):  Mark Hughesdon has been in touch with the correct caption for the G. Lennon card.
UPDATE (09-07-2015):  Paul Briers has sent in some scans allowing me to update a few more cards. Paul's amendments are identified by ***~. I've also been able to confirm and amend a few others - just looking for confirmation on the following 5 cards - F.F. Cownley (Arsenal), A.E. Langford (Merthyr Town), F. Moss (Aston Villa), A. Roe (Arsenal), J. Whibley (Crystal Palace).
UPDATE (03-05-2016):  Michael Parsons has sent in a scan of A. Roe that confirms the team name as Arsenal F.C. The list has been amended accordingly.
UPDATE (30-10-2016 12:02):  Two more players have been updated - Moss (Aston Villa) and Langford (Merthyr Town), that leaves just two more to check - Cownley (Arsenal) and Whibley (Crystal Palace).
UPDATE (03-03-2020 22:43):  Date amended again from 1923 to 1922, after reviewing all the comments.

A. Archibald (Rangers F.C.)  *** ^

A.H. Amos (Millwall F.C.)  ***
A. Baker (Arsenal F.C.)  ***
Howard Baker (Chelsea F.C.)  ***
R. Baugh (Wolverhampton Wanderers)  ***
J. Belton (Nottingham Forest)  ***
J. Blair (Cardiff City F.C.)  ***
J. Brick (Queens Pk Rangers) (sic)  ***   -   actually James Birch  -  thanks to Paul Briers
J. Broad (Millwall F.C.)  *** ^
C.M. Buchan (Sunderland F.C.)  *** ^
H.M. Bulling (Nottingham Forest)  *** ^
J. Burnham (Queens Pk Rangers)  ***
G. Carrington (Clapton Orient F.C.)  ***
S. Castle (Charlton A. F.C.)  *** ^
T. Clay (Tottenham H'spurs)  ***
Cock (Chelsea F.C.)  ***
Geo. Coomber (B'ton & Hove Albion)  ***
H. Cope (Notts County F.C.)  *** ^
F.F. Cownley (Arsenal)
G.W. Edmonds (Wolverhampton Wanderers)  ***
Elliott (Middlesboro F.C.)  ***
J. Feebury (B'ton & Hove Albion)  ***
J. Filliston (Charlton A. F.C.)  ***
Fleming (Swindon F.C.)  *** ^
W. Flint (Notts County F.C.)  ***
J. Fort (Millwall F.C.)  ***
S. Gibson (Nottingham Forest)  ***
W. Gillespie (Sheffield United)  ***
Goodwin (West Ham F.C.)  ***
C. Gregory (Queens Pk Rangers)  ***
F. Gregory (Watford F.C.)  *** ^
J. Gregory (Queens Pk Rangers)  ***
T. Grey (Chelsea F.C.)  ***
A. Grimsdell (Spurs Captain)  ***
T. Hamilton (Preston North End)  ***
A.E. Harry (Crystal Palace F.C.)  *** ~
E. Hendren (Brentford F.C.)  ***
H. Higginbotham (Luton Town F.C.)  *** ^
H. Hill (Notts County F.C.)  ***
A. Iremonger (Notts County F.C.)  ***
H. Jones (Nottingham Forest)  *** ^
G. Kay (West Ham F.C.)  ***
F. Keenor (Cardiff City F.C.)  ***
R. Kelly (Burnley F.C.)  ***
H. Kemp (Notts County F.C.)  *** ^
A.E. Langford (Merthyr Town F.C.)  ***
G. Lennon (Luton Town F.C.)  ***
McCracken (Newcastle F.C.)  *** ~
R. McCracken (Crystal Palace F.C.)  ***
J.A. Mackie (Arsenal F.C.)  ***
B. Marsden (Queens Pk. Rangers)  *** ^
N. Middleboe (Chelsea F.C.)  ***
B. Millard (Crystal Palace F.C.)  ***
G.E. Morgan (Nottingham Forest)  ***
F. Morley (Brentford F.C.)  ***
A.L. Morton (Rangers F.C.)  ***
F. Moss (Aston Villa F.C.)  ***
L. Murphy (Derby County F.C.)  *** ^
N. Neesam (Bristol City F.C.)  ***
J. Nicholls (Clapton Orient F.C.)  ***
J. Nicholson (Clapton Orient F.C.)  ***
F.R. Osborne (Fulham F.C.)  ***
Pagnam (Watford F.C.)  ***
W. Paterson (Derby County F.C.)  ***
F. Penn (Fulham F.C.)  ***
T. Pidgeon (Queens Pk Rangers)  ***
L. Piggin (Brentford F.C.)  *** ~
G. Pither (Millwall F.C.)  ***
W.E. Rawlings (Southampton F.C.)  ***
F. Richardson (Plymouth Argyle)  *** ^
J. Riddle (Millwall F.C.)  ***
A. Ritchie (Derby County F.C.)  ***
W.T. Roberts (Preston North End)  ***
A. Roe (Arsenal F.C.)  ***   -   updated   -   thanks to Michael Parsons
B. Rosier (Brentford F.C.)  *** ~   -   amended (typo)   -   thanks to Paul Briers
J. Ruffell (West Ham United)  ***   -   amended, from I. Ruffell to J. Ruffell
Rutherford (Arsenal F.C.)  ***
H. Smith (Clapton Orient F.C.)  ***
C. Stephenson (Huddersfield Town)  ***
W. Tinsley (Nottingham Forest)  *** ^
J. Torrance (Fulham F.C.)  ***  -  amended (from Millwall)
R. Turnbull (Arsenal F.C.)  ***
H. Turner (Merthyr Town F.C.)  ***
S.J. Wadsworth (Huddersfield Town)  ***
F. Walden (Tottenham H'spurs)  ***
A. Walker (Chelsea F.C.)  *** ^
J. Whibley (Crystal Palace F.C.)  ***
H. Wightman (Derby County F.C.)  ***
O. Williams (Clapton Orient)  ***
T.H. Williams (Clapton Orient F.C.)  ***
W.D. Williams (West Ham United)  ***
E.C. Williamson (Arsenal F.C.)  ***
Wilson (Wednesday F.C.)  *** ^
Womack (Birmingham F.C.)  ***
A. Wood (Clapton Orient F.C.)  ***
Max Woosnam (Manchester City)  *** ~


  1. My best guess is that the cards were issued in either 1922 or 1923. Of the six Forest players Gerry Morgan was the last to make his debut for Forest (on 11/11/1922) and Harold Jones played his last game on 22/12/1923. These are the closest first/last appearance dates of the Forest players listed.

    Lee West

    1. Thanks Lee, the information is much appreciated.

  2. Hi Alan

    Thanks very much for this. I was unaware of this set and am pleased to find out about it as both Williamson of Arsenal and Cock of Chelsea played for Croydon Common earlier in their careers; Williamson for a few seasons and Cock just once as a wartime guest. Do you by any chance have a reproduction of either of these cards or, if not, know someone I could contact who might? It would be much appreciated.

    Meanwhile, as for the date of the cards, Cock was at Chelsea from 10.1919 to 01.1923 and Williamson was at Arsenal from 1916 to 06.1923. Therefore, these dates are supportive of the suggestion of 1922.

    1. Hi Alan,

      Good to hear from you. I'm glad these are of interest, but I'm afraid I can't help with scans of those two cards. I don't know anyone who has them.

      Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


    2. Hi Alan, if you're still looking for the Williamson card, there's a picture of it here: https://www.doingthe92.com/display_card.asp?step=451&ID=512&card=92&size=1

    3. Hi Pat,

      Thank you for the link.

  3. OK, Alan - thanks anyway.

    Kind regards


  4. Hi Alan

    The Brentford FC cards may add to the date or dates as to when these cards were produced. I'd say more 1920 to 1923??

    Fred Morley - Brentford FC 1918 to 1921. He left Brentford to go to the USA in February 1921.
    Patsy Hendren - Brentford FC 1911 to 1927.
    Bert Rosier (Not Rosler!) - Brentford FC 1913 to 1923. Left for Orient in February 1923.

    Lionel Piggin - Now we enter into the unknown!! Piggin never played a Football League match for Brentford. He also didn't appear in the 1918/19 and 1919/20 seasons. The 1920/21 Official handbook has no mention of Piggin. Also, he's not in the 1921/22 Squad picture. Nore is he in any handbook after 1922/23. So, was he a player before 1920? I don't know! He played for; Brighton (1912), Peterborough, Barrow, Swindon (1914/15) Brentford (Alledgedly!) and Reading. I'm on the lookout for a 1919/20 handbook to see if he's in that, but if not, then I have no idea as to when he played for Brentford! It's an odd one. Why produce a card with his picture when he didn't appear for us?

    I'll leave that one for now!

    all the best


    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your input. The Fred Morley card may point to the collection being issued a little earlier, perhaps 1921.

      The Piggin card is a strange one. Perhaps some day, one might surface just to confirm it's existence and the team caption printed thereon. We can only hope.

      Take care,


    2. According to the F.A Yearbook for 1919/20, Lionel Piggin signed for Brentford on 23 Jun 1919. He played for the reserves against Tottenham on 6 Sep and subsequently moved to Ilkeston United (Jun 1920) and Boston (Apr 1921)

    3. Hi Paul,

      Thank you for sharing your research. It looks as if the cards might have been produced in 1919/20, even earlier than they were thought to have been issued.



  5. Hi Alan

    This card: J. Brick (Queens Pk Rangers)

    Is in fact James Birch. (QPR). He later played for Brentford.

    The card is currently on eBay too.

    all the best


    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for letting me know, my poor typing skills again....


  6. It's not your typing Alan! You are correct as the card does say "J Brick"! It's the producers that got it wrong in the 1920's.

    Checkout eBay currently.

    1. Hi Paul,

      I just presumed you'd spotted one of my typing mistakes. I've put it back to Brick on the checklist and added a note to include his proper name.



  7. T Grey never played for Chelsea but does appear on the 1922-23 team photo. Nils Middelboe left Chelsea in 1922.


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