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Cigarette Co. Jersey - (C86-1-2) Jersey Footballers (02) - Blue Background - Fourth issue - Nos 51-72

(C86-1-2) Jersey Footballers
Cigarette Co. Jersey
Jersey (Channel Islands)
72 cards

In the original post there were a few names missing from the fourth issue of cards that were numbered 51 to 72. I'd like to thank Geoff for providing the missing names and additional information to complete this checklist. Geoff also provided all the scans shown here.
The original post can be found here - Cigarette Co. Jersey - C86-1-1/2 Jersey Footballers.

C86-1-2 Jersey Footballers - Blue Background - Fourth issue - Nos 51-72
51.  Percy Chapman (Caesarians)   -   amended
52.  Percy Packman (Caesarians)   -   amended
53.  W. Kressinger (Caesarians)   -   amended
54.  A. Elford (Caesarians)
55.  C. Reed (Wanderers)   -   added
56.  Randall Carter (Wanderers)
57.  Pvte. Rickwood (King's Own)
58.  Lce-Cpl. Batty (King's Own)
59.  Lce-Sgt. Blades (King's Own)   -   added
60.  Cpl. Morris (King's Own)
61.  Pvte. Heap (King's Own)
62.  Pvte. Curl  (King's Own)   -   added
63.  Lce-Sgt. Buckley (King's Own)
64.  Cpl. Taylor (King's Own)
65.  Pvte. Camm (King's Own)
66.  Pvte. Barrow (King's Own)
67.  Cpl. Kirby (King's Own)
68.  Pvte. Jones (King's Own)   -   added
69.  Pvte. Memory (King's Own)
70.  Lce-Sgt. Beddows (King's Own)
71.  Sgt. Sandham (King's Own - Trainer)
72.  R.W. Norris (Referee)   -   amended

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