Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Philip Neill - (037) Football Stars of the 20's and 30's


(037) Football Stars of the 20's and 30's
Philip Neill
25 cards

1.  Alex James (Arsenal)

2.  Alf Young (Huddersfield Town)
3.  Brooke (Manchester City)
4.  Donald Welsh (Charlton Athletic)
5.  Dixie Dean (Everton)
6.  Elisha Scott (Liverpool)
7.  George H. Graham (Nottingham Forest)
8.  R. Starling (Sheffield Wednesday)
9.  Ted Viizard (Bolton Wanderers)
10.  Blly Meredith (Manchester United)
11.  Mee (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
12.  Hughie Gallagher (Newcastle United)
13.  Wilson (South Shields)
14.  Frank Swift (Manchester City)
15.  Joe McCall (Preston North End)
16.  J. Hallows (Bradford)
17.  Joseph Bradford (Birmingham City)
18.  Leonard H. Davies (Cardiff City)
19.  Green (Sheffield United)
20.  Vinall (Luton Town)
21.  Arthur Chandler (Leicester City)
22.  Richardson (West Bromwich Albion)
23.  Tom Bradshaw (Bury)
24.  Ted Sagar (Everton)
25.  Title card - Fred Keenor (Cardiff City)

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