Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Sun - (SUN-4-1) Sun Soccercards (02) - Nandor Hidegkuti / David Jack


(SUN-4-1) Sun Soccercards
The Sun
1000 cards

It may be difficult to realize as you've got to be able to recognize the players, but here are two more error cards and these are uncorrected.

Sun Soccercards - errors/varieties

270.  N. Hidegkuti (Hungary)  -  drawing of D. Jack (England)

274.  D. Jack (England)  -  drawing of N. Hidegkuti (Hungary)


  1. I've always thought that the Ray Wilson and Alex Jackson cards look nothing like the players. And my Paul Bielby card looks for all the world like Steve Kindon!

    1. I think many of them are very poor representations of the players they are supposed to be.


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