Saturday, 21 February 2015

Topps - Match Attax 2014-15 ~ Indonesia

Match Attax 2014-15 
450+ cards?

The collection has been issued in Indonesia with everything being produced in India. Most of the cards seem similar, but I haven't been able to check them yet. The cards are in English but much of the packaging comes in the Bahasa Indonesian language. Is Match Attax available in other Asian countries?
Does anyone know if the collection will be issued in Vietnam this season?


  1. Hi there from Indonesia. Just got into Match Attx recently. Match Attax here is currently sold through Indomaret, which is a convenience store chain (think 7-11 and the like). However, not all stores carry Match Attax. Packs here cost 5.000 Rupiah or around 25 pence but only contain three cards for both the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 editions. The packaging is in Indonesian but as stated in your post the cards are made in India.The packs also contain the Match Attax Live codes with English on the front with Arabic(?), Thai, Indonesian, Malay, and Turkish instructions on the back.

    Other than the packs, play pitches and collector albums are also sold but with very, very poor quality.

    A play pitch is around 80 pence and is a basically a poster. It has large poster size rules in both English and Indonesian. However, only the 2014/2015 editions are sold. These come with a loose card from the 2012/2013 series (which are often Legend cards - I got Jaap Stam, Cesc Fabregas and Dennis Irwin from the six play pitches I bought so far) and two packs of 2014/2015 cards.

    The collector albums are basically cheap 2 by 2 pocket sleeves which can hold up to forty cards if single loaded or eighty if double loaded. Again, these are only available in the 2014/2015 edition. It has the Match Attax cover in the front insert and the rules (in Indonesian) in the back insert. The albums come with a loose 2013/2014 card and a promotional pack from the 2013/2014 series containing five cards. Again, these are made in India but have Malay (instead of Indonesian) on them and seem to be leftover promotional packs from Malaysia. A collector album costs around 1.50-1.60 GBP.

    Images of the Indonesian version can be seen in the following links:

  2. Hi Irsan,

    Thank you for all the information about the Indonesian Match Attax version. If at all possible I'd love to get a scan of the back of a Match Attax Live card, with the five different languages.

    Best wishes,



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