Sunday, 15 February 2015

Stoke City F.C. / Signal SmokeBusters - Stoke City F.C. 2004/05 (02)


Stoke City F.C. 2004/05
Stoke City F.C. / Signal SmokeBusters

20 stickers

I still haven't got much information on these stickers. If you can help, please get in touch.
UPDATE:  Mark Hughesdon has provided the names of 7 more players. Half way there now.
UPDATE (23-04-2022 08:59):  Four more names added, thanks to Peter Wood.

Ade Akinbiyi   -   added 23-04-2022
Carl Asaba
Clive Clarke
Eddie DeGoy   -   added 23-04-2022
John Eustace
Marc Goodfellow   -   added 23-04-2022
Chris Greenacre
Marcus Hall
John Halls
Clint Hill   -   added 23-04-2022
Lewis Neal
Gifton Noel-Williams
Wayne Thomas
Paul Williams


  1. hello just saw this I know of the following that were produced although I don't have any from 2004/5 :
    Ade Akinbiyi
    Eddie DeGoy
    Marc Goodfellow
    Clint Hill
    I don't know if tey were numbered or not seem to be rare
    Hope this helps
    Peter wood

    1. Thank you Peter, every little bit helps.


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