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D.C. Thomson / The Victor - THO-230/THO-204 - ZB9-19 Famous Teams in Football History

THO-230/THO-204 - ZB9-19 Famous Teams in Football History
D.C. Thomson / The  Victor
12 cards

The cards were usually issued in sheets, each of three cards, but the first week that cards may have been issued as three separate cards, included in the free Sportman's Wallet, that was also given free that week. The set was issued, unofficially in 2007 as A4 prints by The Minter Group

THO-230 / THO-204 - ZB9-19 - Famous Teams in Football History
THO-230 / THO-204 - ZB9-19 - Famous Teams in Football History (Modern reprint - A4, 2007) - The Minster Group

THO-230 / THO-204 - ZB9-19 - Famous Teams in Football History - sheet 1 - issue no. 2, dated 4 March, 1961

Glasgow Rangers, 1930
Meiklejohn, Marshall, Archibald, Flemming, Hamilton, Buchanan, Craig, Brown, Gray, McDonald, Muirhead, McPhail, Hamilton, R. Nicholson, Morton
Manchester United, 1958
Coleman, Foulkes, Wood, Byrne, Jones, Edwards, Viollet, Berry, Taylor, Whelan, Fogg
Wolverhampton W., 1960
Harris, Finlayson, Ron Flowers, Slater, Broadbent, Clamp, Showell, Deeley, Stobart, Horne, Murray
THO-230 / THO-204 - ZB9-19 - Famous Teams in Football History - sheet 2 - issue no. 3, dated 11 March, 1961

Newcastle United, 1952
Cowell, Harvey, Simpson, Brennan, McMichael, Robledo, Walker, Foulkes, Jackie Milburn, George Robledo, Mitchell
Arsenal, 1930
Baker, Seddon, Bowden, Harper, Preedy, Roberts, John, Hapgood, Hulme, Male, Jack, Lambert, Parker, James, Bastin, C. Jones
Blackpool, 1953
Johnston, Fenton, Shimwell, Garrett, Brown, Farm, Kelly, Crosland, Smith, Stanley Matthews, Taylor, Stan Mortensen, Mudie, Perry, Lynas

THO-230 / THO-204 - ZB9-19 - Famous Teams in Football History - sheet 3 - issue no. 4, dated 18 March, 1961

Glasgow Celtic, 1933
Mr. W. Maley (Manager), A. Thomson, R. Hogg, J. Kennaway, C. Napier, J. McGrory, W. McGonagle, Mr. J. Qusklay (trainer), J. Crum, C. Geatons, J. McStay, P. Wilson, H. O'Donnell
Brazil, 1958
Gilmar, Djalma Santos, Nilton Santos, Zito, Bellini, Orlando, Garrincha, Didi, Vava, Pele, Zagallo
Norwich City, 1959
McCrohan, Thurlow, Nethercraft, Butler, Ashman, Crowe, Crossan, Allcock, Bly, Hill, Brennan

THO-230 / THO-204 - ZB9-19 - Famous Teams in Football History - sheet 4 - issue no. 5, dated 25 March, 1961

Cardiff City, 1927
Thirlaway, F. Stewart (Manager), Nelson, Davies, Farquharson, Sloan, Watson, Curtis, Hardy, Ferguson, Keenor (Captain), Irving, Parry, McLachlan
Real Madrid, 1960
Dominquez, Marquitos, Pachin, Vidal, Santamaria, Zarraga, Canario, Del Sol, Di Stefano, Puskas, Gento
Hearts, 1956
Howieson, Kirk, J Thomson, Murray, Brown, G McKay, Bauld, Cumming, Neilson, D. McKay, Kidd, Milne, Pagan, McKenzie, Foley, Parker, Findlay, Young, Bowman, Conn, G Campbell, Glidden, R. Campbell, Wardhaugh, G. Thomson, Hamilton


  1. I am not sure reference THO-230 is correct as that seems to refer to a 20 page booklet as per British Trade Index part II. Also reference THO-204 refers to the 2nd series of 16 cards which does not appear to be shown in your index.
    I have recently acquired 8 cards from series 2 and was looking to check them out. I also have a different plastic wallet entitled "My Wallet of Famous Teams in Football History - presented with the New Hotspur"
    My concern with my cards was that 4 cards were 83x136mm on clean thick white paper whereas the other 4 were 83x137mm on thinner, creamier paper with a different shade of red leading to me wondering whether 4 of them were a reprint. Under UV light however 5 cards flouresce and 3 do not indicating different paper having been used with the printings, causing me further questions.
    Would you want scans to set up a record for the 2nd series ?

    1. Hi Glyn,

      Thank you for your comment. I've got two posts on the Famous Teams in Football History collections, this one and the one for the cards issued with New Hotspur:

      D.C. Thomson / The New Hotspur - THO-235 Famous Teams in Football History ~ 2nd Series

      The reference to THO-204 in the title of this checklist relates to the numbering system used in the earlier series of Trade Card books issued by the Cartophilic Society, as is ZB9-19. The first number (THO-230) is the reference in the new Trade Card books published in 2006.

      I think it unlikely that the 2nd series has been reprinted. I state that they were issued in sheets but I think it's likely that the first four were separate and included in the wallet shown in that post.

      I hope all this helps.

      With kind regards,



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