Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Cioccolata Lurate - Calcio (1928-29)


Cioccolata Lurate
352? cards

I've seen this set listed as 1926-27 and 1927-28 as well, but I've decided to list them as 1928-29. Prior to this season the top division in Italy was split into two groups of 10 clubs each. For the 1928-29 season the groups were expanded to 16 clubs each. This set is generally regarded as featuring 11 players from each team and as the highest number card I have listed here is 320, it must come from a season where there were more than just 20 teams in the top division. I've been working on this checklist for many years and I've still only got a handful of cards listed. I'd be glad to hear from anyone who can supply more information.

99.  Schiavio (Bologna)
101.  Pozzi (Bologna)
114.  Buscaglia (Casale)
183.  Rosetta (Juventus)
216.  Levratto (Genoa)
213.  Acini (Modena)
293.  Ballante (Roma)
298.  Sclavi (Lazio)
311.  Pardini (Lazio)
312.  Bottaccini (Lazio)
313.  Cevenini I (Lazio)
314.  Sanero (Lazio)
315.  Bodrato (Lazio)
316.  Canestri (Lazio)
317.  Nesi (Lazio)
318.  Ottier (Lazio)
319.  Berti II (Lazio)
320.  Zenili (Lazio)
???.  Tansini (Milan)
???.  Carmignato (Milan)
???.  Pomi (Milan)
???.  Sgarbi (Milan)

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