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Upper Deck - MLS 1997 (Bandai)


MLS 1997
Upper Deck
51 cards

This was the first MLS collection issued by Upper Deck. There were plans for a Series 2, but that was cancelled due to poor sales. The Alexi Lalas card in the base set is an error card as the stats and biography on the back of the card related to Marcel Balboa, but the unnumbered promo card has the correct information on the back.

MLS - Base set
Parallel:  MLS - Gold Series (Gold border)

1.  Marcelo Balboa (Colorado Rapids)
2.  Shaun Bartlett (Colorado Rapids)
3.  Denis Hamlett (Colorado Rapids)
4.  Jean Harbor (Colorado Rapids)
5.  Chris Henderson (Colorado Rapids)
6.  Brian Bliss (Columbus Crew)
7.  Paul Caligiuri (Columbus Crew)
8.  Doctor Khumalo (Columbus Crew)
9.  Brian McBride (Columbus Crew)
10.  Billy Thompson (Columbus Crew)
11.  Mark Dodd (Dallas Burn)
12.  Gerell Elliott (Dallas Burn)
13.  Zak Ibsen (Dallas Burn)
14.  Jason Kreis (Dallas Burn)
15.  Mark Santel (Dallas Burn)
16.  Sean Bowers (Kansas City Wizards)
17.  Mark Chung (Kansas City Wizards)
18.  Frank Klopas (Kansas City Wizards)
19.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)
20.  Vitalis Takawira (Kansas City Wizards)
21.  Dan Calichman (L.A. Galaxy)
22.  Jorge Campos (L.A. Galaxy)
23.  Mauricio Cienfuegos (L.A. Galaxy)
24.  Cobi Jones (L.A. Galaxy)
25.  Andrew Shue (L.A. Galaxy)
26.  Roberto Donadoni (N.Y./N.J. Metrostars)
27.  Rob Johnson (N.Y./N.J. Metrostars)
28.  Tony Meola (N.Y./N.J. Metrostars)
29.  Tab Ramos (N.Y./N.J. Metrostars)
30.  Peter Vermes (N.Y./N.J. Metrostars)
31.  Paul Keegan (New England Revolution)
32.  John Kerr Jr. (New England Revolution)
33.  Alexi Lalas (New England Revolution)
34.  Joe-Max Moore (New England Revolution)
35.  Darren Sawatzky (New England Revolution)
36.  John Doyle (San Jose Clash)
37.  Ben Iroha (San Jose Clash)
38.  Tom Liner (San Jose Clash)
39.  Jorge Rodas (San Jose Clash)
40.  Eric Wynalda (San Jose Clash)
41.  Mark Dougherty (Tampa Bay Mutiny)
42.  Giuseppe Galderisi (Tampa Bay Mutiny)
43.  Frankie Hejduk (Tampa Bay Mutiny)
44.  Roy Lassiter (Tampa Bay Mutiny)
45.  Carlos Valderrama (Tampa Bay Mutiny)
46.  Jeff Agoos (D.C. United)
47.  Raul Diaz Arce (D.C. United)
48.  Marco Etcheverry (D.C. United)
49.  John Harkes (D.C. United)
50.  Eddie Pope (D.C. United)
NNO.  Checklist (unnumbered)

MLS Gold Signature Cards

S1.  Cobi Jones (L.A. Galaxy)
S2.  Alexi Lalas (New England Revolution)
S3.  Eric Wynalda (San Jose Clash)
S4.  John Harkes (D.C. United)
S5.  Jorge Campos (L.A. Galaxy)

MLS Team Captains

TC1.  Steve Trittschuh (Colorado Rapids)
TC2.  Brian Bliss (Columbus Crew)
TC3.  Leonel Alvarez (Dallas Burn)
TC4.  Preki (Kansas City Wizards)
TC5.  Dan Calichman (L.A. Galaxy)
TC6.  Peter Vermes (N.Y./N.J. Metrostars)
TC7.  Mike Burns (New England Revolution)
TC8.  John Doyle (San Jose Clash)
TC9.  Carlos Valderrama (Tampa Bay Mutiny)
TC10.  John Harkes (D.C. United)

MLS Trophy Winners

TW1.  Mark Dodd (Pepsi keeper of the Year)
TW2.  John Doyle (Tough Defender of the Year)
TW3.  Eric Wynalda (Goal of the Year)
TW4.  Steve Ralston (Rookie of the Year)
TW5.  Roy Lassiter (Scoring Title)
TW6.  Carlos Valderrama (MVP)

MLS Pop Up Card

Carlos Valderrama (Tampa Bay Mutiny)

MLS Promo Cards - unnumbered

Alexi Lalas (New England Revolution)
Carlos Valderrama (Tampa Bay Mutiny)

MLS errors / varieties

33.  Alexi Lalas (front) / Marcelo Balboa stats (back) (Colorado Rapids)
34.  Gerell Elliott (front) / Joe-Max Moore (back)
36.  Chris Henderson (front) / John Doyle (back)

MLS promo sheet

Eric Wynalda, Cobi Jones, John Harkes, Alexi Lalas


  1. how much would a sealed box be worth?

  2. A sealed box on eBay sold for a 'best offer' of $1,000 in January 2023


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