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Manchester Evening News - MBHJ-1 Footballers ~ Pink Final


MBHJ-1 Footballers ~ Pink Final
Manchester Evening News
30 cards

Issued in sheets of six, but can often be found cut down to individual players. The first sheet was given away with the issue dated Saturday, 15 August, 1975 and each Saturday for a further four weeks but I don't know the order in which the sheets were distributed so they are numbered here for reference purposes only. The cutting comes from the front page of the Pink Final dated 22 August, 1975.

MBHJ-1 Footballers - Pink Final - sheet 1

Alex Stepney (Manchester United)

Colin Bell (Manchester City)
Steve Coppell (Manchester United)
Dennis Leman (Manchester City)
Stewart Houston (Manchester United)
Joe Corrigan (Manchester City)

MBHJ-1 Footballers - Pink Final - sheet 2

Brian Greenhoff (Manchester United)

Asa Hartford (Manchester City)
Alex Forsyth (Manchester United)
Alan Oakes (Manchester City)
Jimmy Nicholl (Manchester United)
Peter Barnes (Manchester City)

MBHJ-1 Footballers - Pink Final - sheet 3

Jim Holton (Manchester United)

Dave Watson (Manchester City)
Gerry Daly (Manchester United)
Willie Donachie (Manchester City)
Tommy Jackson (Manchester United)
Dennis Tueart (Manchester City)

MBHJ-1 Footballers - Pink Final - sheet 4

Martin Buchan (Manchester United)

Rodney Marsh (Manchester City)
Paddy Roche (Manchester United)
Keith MacRae (Manchester City)
Sammy McIlroy (Manchester United)
Tommy Booth (Manchester City)

MBHJ-1 Footballers - Pink Final - sheet 5

Stuart Pearson (Manchester United)

Mike Doyle (Manchester City)
Lou Macari (Manchester United)
Gerard Keegan (Manchester City)
Steve James (Manchester United)
Colin Barrett (Manchester City)

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