Tuesday 17 February 2015

John M. Brindley & Associates - BRDM-25 Players of the Past ~ Football 1930s (2)


BRDM-25 Players of the Past ~ Football 1930s
John M. Brindley & Associates
16 cards

The checklist for this set has been shown previously, but here's an illustrated checklist. Thanks to Roger Pashby for information on the two Huddersfield Town cards.

1.  William Rochford (Portsmouth)
2.  R. Marshall (Manchester City)
3.  Levi Redfern (Huddersfield Town)
4.  Allen Winston Brown (Huddersfield Town) - picture shows George 'Bomber' Brown (Huddersfield Town)
5.  Arthur  Rigby (Clapton Orient)
6.  Jackie Bray (Manchester City)
7.  David Thackeray (Portsmouth)
8.  Laurie Barnett (Manchester City)
9.  Frank McMenemy (Northampton Town)
10.  Edward Taylor (Huddersfield Town) - picture shows Sammy Taylor (Huddersfield Town)
11.  Septimus Rutherford (Portsmouth)
12.  J.W. Barker (Derby County)
13.  John Thomson (Everton)
14.  Cliff Bastin (Arsenal)
15.  Edward Barkas (Birmingham City)
16.  Joseph Bambrick (Chelsea)

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