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Godfrey Phillips Ltd. ~ Sports Cigarettes - P50-152-2-12 Sportsmen (1954)

P50-152-2-12 Sportsmen
Godfrey Phillips Ltd. ~ Sports Cigarettes
25 cards

This set is the last of the Sports cigarettes package issues to include footballers. There are also a couple of other series of Sportsmen which don't include any footballers, and other series on Cricketers and Radio Stars. This set can be collected in two ways: as individual cards trimmed to the back of the slide with 'Sports' printed at the top and 'Godfrey Phillips Ltd' at the bottom, or as complete slides but I don't have an example of a complete slide to show you. I'd like to thank Carl at for allowing me to use some illustrations from his website, which is an amazing source of rare football cards.

P50-152-2-12 Sportsmen - on card - trimmed to slide - with 'Sports' at top and 'Godfrey Phillips Ltd' at the bottom

P50-152-2-12 Sportsmen - 'Sports' slide - on card - with 'Sports' at top and 'Godfrey Phillips Ltd' at the bottom

Sidney Allard
Sam Bartram
Alec Bedser
B. Bird
Freddie Brown
Chris Chataway
Ronnie Clayton
Denis Compton
Jaroslav Drobny
Juan Fangio
Tom Finney
Reg Harris
Lindsay Hassett
Ray Lindwall
Nat Lofthouse
Sammy McCarthy
E. McDonald Bailey
Stanley Matthews
Bill Nankerville
Jim Peters
Dai Rees
Frank Sedgman
Vic Seixas
Brian Statham
Billy Steel


  1. I have been trying to locate the Vic Seixas card from this set, but I have never found any cards from this set. Any suggestions on how I might be able to locate one?


    1. Hi Steve,

      This last series of 'Sports Cigarettes' cards are just about the rarest, I've only even seen a few of them offered for sale. Good luck with your search.



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