Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Kinnear & Co. / Marcus - Football Clubs & Colours (3)

Football Clubs & Colours
Kinnear & Co. / Marcus
25 cards

Matt Stevens has very kindly sent in photos of all the cards in this collection. They are usually listed as being issued in 1898, and I originally thought that they are a lot older, probably pre-dating the founding of the Football League in 1888, going by the choice of teams. But the only player featured in the collection - Jack Devey, joined Aston Villa in March 1891 and stayed at the club until retiring in 1902 aged 35. He was a director of the club for the next 32 years. Whilst captain the club won 5 League Championships and 2 F.A. Cup Finals.
UPDATE (19-11-201 21:35): According to collector Ogdenscards - the A.F. Doo stamp can be seen on the backs of many Guinea Gold cards and has been assumed to be an early collector.

Football Clubs & Colours - Marcus
Football Clubs & Colours - Marcus - stamped 'Kinnear Limited' on back
Football Clubs & Colours - Marcus - stamped 'A.F. Doo' on back  -  unrecorded

Army (ball at feet)
Army (ball in hands)
Aston Villa (ball in hand)
Aston Villa (ball by left foot)
Casuals (ball at right foot)
Casuals (ball at left foot)
Clapton (ball at feet)
Clapton (ball in hands)
Corinthians (ball in left arm)
Corinthians (ball at feet)
J. Davey (no team - Aston Villa)
Ilford (holding ball)
Ilford (ball held to thigh)
Kings College Hospital (ball in left hand)
Kings College Hospital (ball in both hands)
London Caledonians (ball behind left foot)
London Caledonians (ball behind right foot)
Notts Forest (ball in left hand)
Notts Forest (ball held by strings in left hand)
Oxford University (right hand at side)
Oxford University (arms folded)
Suffolk (ball at left foot)
Suffolk (ball in right hand)
Sunderland (ball by left foot)
Sunderland (ball in left hand)


  1. i think it is unlikely that the cards predate 1896 as the company Marcus and Co. was only founded in 1895.
    Kinnear Ltd. bought Marcus and Co. and was registered for trading in July 1896. However at a trade show in 1896 Marcus & Co. are described as providing packs where one contains a picture of leading cricketers; however, no mention of this football set.

    1. That's fascinating, thank you very much for the links.


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