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Godfrey Phillips Ltd. ~ Sports Cigarettes - P50-152-2-3 Footballers (1948)


P50-152-2-3 Footballers
Godfrey Phillips Ltd. ~ Sports Cigarettes
25 cards

These can be collected in two ways, as individual paper cards trimmed to the back of the packet and therefore anonymous or as complete packets (this collection was only available with packets of 10 cigarettes) that have been opened and laid flat. I don't have any examples of complete packets for this set but over the next day or so I'll be including all the different Sports collections issued between 1948 and 1954 and some of these will include illustrations of complete sheets. I'd like to thank Carl at for allowing me to use some illustrations from his website, which is an amazing source of rare football cards.

P50-152-2-3 Footballers - on paper - trimmed to back of the packet - with blue frameline
P50-152-2-3 Footballers - 'Sports' packet - on paper 10s - with blue frameline

A. Aikman

F. Brennan
A. Brown
H. Brown
W. Campbell
R. Combe
T. Duncanson
R. Evans
R. Flavell
M.M. Gillies
G. Hamilton
H. Johnston
L. Johnston
T.G. Jones
A. Kelly
V. Metcalfe
W. Miller
E. Murphy
J. Rowley
D. Shaw
P. Taylor
E. Turnbull
J.B. Weir
W.A. Woodburn
G. Young


  1. Is there a second series of these?
    I have Burgess,Thornton and Wright but I cannot find them on your lists.

    1. There are 8 different sets checklisted on my blog.

      Go to INDEX:F-L under the Blog Index in the right-hand column and page-down or search for "Godfrey Phillips Ltd. - Sports Cigarettes".



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