Sunday, 16 November 2014

Pal Blades - Pal Blades Autograph League (7) - Charlton Athletic

Pal Blades Autograph League
Pal Blades
Unknown number issued

An illustration showing a few Charlton Athletic cards...

M. (Malcom) Allison (Charlton Athletic)

Sam Bartram (Charlton Athletic)  -  listed previously
D. (Dudley) Davies (Charlton Athletic)
Chris Duffy 
(Charlton Athletic)   -   added 20-10-2020  -  thanks to Baz Warburton
Benny Fenton (Charlton Athletic)  -  listed previously
Dudley Forbes (Charlton Athletic)  -  listed previously
Frank Lock (Charlton Athletic)  -  listed previously
Tommy Lumley (Charlton Athletic)
Alex McCrae (Charlton Athletic)
Syd O'Linn (Charlton Athletic)
Jimmy Seed (Charlton Athletic)  -  listed previously
Jack Shreve (Charlton Athletic)
Jimmy Trotter (Charlton Athletic)  -  listed previously
A.G. (Albert) Uytenbogaardt (Charlton Athletic)   -   added 20-10-2020  -  thanks to Baz Warburton
Charlie Vaughan (Charlton Athletic)   -  listed previously
Bill Whittaker (Charlton Athletic)  -  listed previously

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