Thursday, 20 November 2014

Quaker Oats - Footie Hero Revealers (Sugar Puffs)

Footie Hero Revealers
Sugar Puffs / Quaker Oats
5 cards

I've no idea what to call these. They aren't cards but they still fall into the cartophilic domain. Plastic books is perhaps the best way to describe them. If you hold it up to the light the image of the footballer will be revealed - like magic!
UPDATE (10-10-2022 06:58):  Steve Marsh has provided a scan from the back of a box of Sugar Puffs showing these cards.

Thierry Henry (Arsenal)

Dion Dublin (Aston Villa)
Nigel Martin (Leeds United)
Emile Heskey (Liverpool)
Roy Keane (Manchester United)

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