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Godfrey Phillips Ltd. ~ Sports Cigarettes - P50-152-2-1 Sportsmen (1948)

P50-152-2-1 Sportsmen
Godfrey Phillips Ltd. ~ Sports Cigarettes
50 cards

These can be collected in three ways: as individual paper cards trimmed to the back of the packet and therefore anonymous or as complete packets that have been opened and laid flat. Two different packets were produced - 5s and 10s. Over the next couple of days I'll be including all the different Sports collections issued between 1948 and 1954 and some of these will include illustrations of complete sheets. Unfortunately I don't have one to show from this set. I'd like to thank Carl at for allowing me to use some illustrations from his website, which is an amazing source of rare football cards.

P50-152-2-1 Sportsmen - on paper - trimmed to back of the packet - with blue frameline
P50-152-2-1 Sportsmen - 'Sports' packet - on paper 5s - with blue frameline
P50-152-2-1 Sportsmen - 'Sports' packet - on paper 10s - with blue frameline

L. Aston
E. McDonald Bailey
R. Burgess
J. Carey
W.H. Carr
H. Carter
H. Cook
P. Doherty
Vic Duggan
D.O. Finlay
T. Finney
N. Franklin
K. Gethin
G. Hardwick
Oliver Hart
Vince Hawkins
A. Johnson
Peter Kane
Bill Kitchen
Eric Langton
T. Lawton
W. Liddell
Danny Linton
T. Lowry
A. MacAuley
Doug MacLachlan
W. Mannion
S. Matthews
Freddie Mills
S. Mortensen
C.R. Mountford
Jack Parker
Al Phillips
W.G. Ratcliffe
"Ricky" Richard
G. Richards
Ernie Roderick
L. Scott
L. Shackleton
E. Smith
W. Steel
A. Stubbins
F. Swift
W. Thornton
T. Walker
F. Whitcombe
A.S. Wint
Bruce Woodcock
S. Woderson
W. Wright

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