Saturday 22 November 2014

Godfrey Phillips Ltd. ~ Sports Cigarettes - P50-152-2-10 Footballers (1952)

P50-152-2-10 Footballers
Godfrey Phillips Ltd. ~ Sports Cigarettes
25 cards

These can be collected in two ways, as individual cards trimmed and therefore anonymous or as complete slides that have been opened and laid flat. This collection includes details of the players club and three of the cards are relating to cup competitions, showing a list of recent winners. Unfortunately, I don't have any illustrations of cards from this set.

UPDATE:  bmac has kindly sent in a scan of a complete slide for this collection.

P50-152-2-10 Footballers - on card - trimmed to folds of slide

P50-152-2-10 Footballers - 'Sports' slide - on card

F. Brennan (Newcastle United)
J. Cowan (Morton)
G. Farm (Blackpool)
K. Gee (Wigan)  -  Rugby League
W. Ivison (Workington Town)  -  Rugby League
W. Liddell (Liverpool)
T. McLain (Sunderland)
W. Mannion (Middlesbrough)
J. Mason (Third Lanark)
D. Metcalfe (Featherstone Rovers)  -  Rugby League
F. Miller (Featherstone Rovers)  -  Rugby League
C. Mitten (Fulham)
J. Mudge (Workington Town)  -  Rugby League
J. Paterson (Hibernian)
W. Taylor (Glasgow Celtic)
W. Telfer (St. Mirren)
C. Tully (Glasgow Celtic)
E. Ward (Bradford Northern)  -  Rugby League
C. Wayman (Preston North End)
H. Webster (Bolton Wanderers)
R. Williams (Leeds)  -  Rugby League
G. Young (Glasgow Rangers)
Winners of F.A. Cup
Winners of Scottish F.A. Cup
Winners of Rugby League Cup

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