Sunday 23 November 2014

W. Duke, Sons & Co. (U.S.A.) - (N88) The Terrors of America and their Doings (1888)

(N88) The Terrors of America and their Doings
W. Duke, Sons & Co.
50 cards (1 Football)

I've been sent scans of this very rare football card issued in the United States in 1888, this is the small version - 2¾" x 1½".
 One of the good things about early North American card sets, is that they usually printed the checklist on the back of the cards. The cards are listed in alphabetical order rather than in the order they appear on the cards.

"Ain’t she a beauty"
"Clean it for a quarter"
"Extra! Extra!!’
"Get off there (! Do you think I'm a feather bed?)"
"(Go) Hit a fellar yer size"
"I didn’t steal no apples (mister)"
"Knuckle down!" Marbles - "Knuckle down, Shoot hard across the box"
"Let her go slow (, Gallagher!)"
"Line up, back there"
"PLEASE come home (at once, Dicky)"
"Pot a Boilin"
"Watch me hit him" - "Watch him, hit me"
"What a find"
"Wid me one hand"
A Stunt - "Ders a stunt for yer"
A Turkish Bath
Before Election
Big Bite
Boss Whistler - "I'm de Boss Whistler on the block"
Brick in Hat - "Watch him kick it"
("I'm) De Boss of de Gang (you'se kin bet")
Election Night
Fishing - "Help me pull him in"
Foot Ball - "Oh my Shin"
Hide and Seek
In the First Class
Kite Time - "Great Scott! But she's a pullin!!"
Leap Frog - "Come down easy fellers"
Maud S. - "Here's my Maud S."
Me galluses is gone wrong
My New Duds - "Say fellars, them's me new duds"
Out in left field - "Don't drop it, Tommy"
"Out on first! How's that umpire?"
Playing Buffalo Bill - "Just see me la-soo the dude"
("Saturday afternoon, and me a) Playing Nurse
Rabbit Hunting - "Oh! if I ketch that rabbit"
Save the Core
Snow Balling - "Just look at that hat"
Spread the Eagle - "Get onto me - spread de eagle"
Swimming - "Cheese it, the Cop, fellars"
Tappy-on-the-window-pane - "This'll scare em sick"
Thanksgiving Day
The Boss Fighter - "I knocks the stuffin' out of Billy, anyhow"
The Boss Short Stop - "Gee - Whitaker"
The Catcher - "Sock 'em in"
The Dude
The Figure Eight
The Pitcher - "Just watch me twist it"
The Umpire - "Low Ball, Jimmy"
Tug of War - "Pull now boys, altogether"
Thanksgiving Day

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