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Dandy Gum - DAU-18 World Cup 1986

DAU-18 World Cup 1986
Dandy Gum
UK, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand
55 cards

Dandy Gum cards were issued many countries. The ones I know for sure are listed above. This collection is probably the easiest to complete. Other Dandy Gum checklists will appear over the coming days, including the rare 1990 set.

♦A.  M. Platini (France)

♦2.  J. Tigana (France)
♦3.  F. Vercauteren (Belgium)
♦4.  P. Littbarski (V. Germany)
♦5.  G. Strachan (Scotland)
♦6.  G. Lineker (England)
♦7.  E. Butragueno (Spain)
♦8.  H.P. Briegel (V. Germany)
♦9.  P.R. Falcao (Brasilia)
♦10.  G. Hoddle (England)
♦J.  P. Fanna (Italy)
♦Q.  M. Olsen (Denmark)
♦K.  A. Chivadze (USSR)
♠A.  K.H. Rummenigge (V. Germany)
♠2.  O. Socrates (Brasilia)
♠3.  A. Maceda (Spain)
♠4.  G. Bergomi (Italy)
♠5.  F. Arnesen (Denmark)
♠6.  G. Souness (Scotland)
♠7.  E. Scifo (Belgium)
♠8.  A. Giresse (France)
♠9.  B. Robson (England)
♠10.  B. Bellone (France)
♠J.  S. Lerby (Denmark)
♠Q.  J.M. Pfaff (Belgium)
♠K.  M. Hateley (England)
♣A.  D. Maradona (Argentina)
♣2.  C. Waddle (England)
♣3.  J. Barnes (England)
♣4.  K. Dalglish (Scotland)
♣5.  J. Olsen (Denmark)
♣6.  M. Bossis (France)
♣7.  B. Conti (Italy)
♣8.  M. Meier (V. Germany)
♣9.  G. Galderisi (Italy)
♣10.  M. Kempes (Argentina)
♣J.  A.Cabrini (Italy)
♣Q.  R. Voller (V. Germany)
♣K.  A.A. Zico (Brasilia)
♥A.  M. Laudrup (Denmark)
♥2.  O. Protasov (USSR)
♥3.  O. Ardiles (Argentina)
♥4.  O. Blokhin (USSR)
♥5.  R. Gordillo (Spain)
♥6.  N.F. Endinho (Brasilia)
♥7.  M. Amoros (France)
♥8.  A. Gray (Scotland)
♥9.  E. Vandenberg (Belgium)
♥10.  M. Tardelli (Italy)
♥J.  T. Schumacher (V. Germany)
♥Q.  G. Scirea (Italy)
♥K.  P. Elkjaer (Denmark)
Joker.  C.M. Santos (Portugal)
Joker.  Z. Boniek (Poland)
Joker.  K. Berggren (Denmark)

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