Tuesday 25 November 2014

Dandy Gum - DAU-18 World Cup 1986

DAU-18 World Cup 1986
Dandy Gum
UK, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand
55 cards

Dandy Gum cards were issued many countries. The ones I know for sure are listed above. This collection is probably the easiest to complete. Other Dandy Gum checklists will appear over the coming days, including the rare 1990 set.

♦A.  M. Platini (France)

♦2.  J. Tigana (France)
♦3.  F. Vercauteren (Belgium)
♦4.  P. Littbarski (V. Germany)
♦5.  G. Strachan (Scotland)
♦6.  G. Lineker (England)
♦7.  E. Butragueno (Spain)
♦8.  H.P. Briegel (V. Germany)
♦9.  P.R. Falcao (Brasilia)
♦10.  G. Hoddle (England)
♦J.  P. Fanna (Italy)
♦Q.  M. Olsen (Denmark)
♦K.  A. Chivadze (USSR)
A.  K.H. Rummenigge (V. Germany)
2.  O. Socrates (Brasilia)
3.  A. Maceda (Spain)
4.  G. Bergomi (Italy)
5.  F. Arnesen (Denmark)
6.  G. Souness (Scotland)
7.  E. Scifo (Belgium)
8.  A. Giresse (France)
9.  B. Robson (England)
10.  B. Bellone (France)
J.  S. Lerby (Denmark)
Q.  J.M. Pfaff (Belgium)
K.  M. Hateley (England)
A.  D. Maradona (Argentina)
2.  C. Waddle (England)
3.  J. Barnes (England)
4.  K. Dalglish (Scotland)
5.  J. Olsen (Denmark)
6.  M. Bossis (France)
7.  B. Conti (Italy)
8.  M. Meier (V. Germany)
9.  G. Galderisi (Italy)
10.  M. Kempes (Argentina)
J.  A.Cabrini (Italy)
Q.  R. Voller (V. Germany)
K.  A.A. Zico (Brasilia)
♥A.  M. Laudrup (Denmark)
♥2.  O. Protasov (USSR)
♥3.  O. Ardiles (Argentina)
♥4.  O. Blokhin (USSR)
♥5.  R. Gordillo (Spain)
♥6.  N.F. Endinho (Brasilia)
♥7.  M. Amoros (France)
♥8.  A. Gray (Scotland)
♥9.  E. Vandenberg (Belgium)
♥10.  M. Tardelli (Italy)
♥J.  T. Schumacher (V. Germany)
♥Q.  G. Scirea (Italy)
♥K.  P. Elkjaer (Denmark)
Joker.  C.M. Santos (Portugal)
Joker.  Z. Boniek (Poland)
Joker.  K. Berggren (Denmark)


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