Tuesday 25 November 2014

London Daily Chronicle - H. Hampton of Aston Villa


H. Hampton of Aston Villa
London Daily Chronicle
1 card

A circular advertising card provided by the London Daily Chronicle, where Harry Hampton of Aston Villa comments on The London Daily Chronicle being unequalled for it's accurate and vivid Football Criticisms.

H. Hampton (Aston Villa)


  1. Having looked at this site and Carl Wilkes' book these cards seem extremely rare. I have recently picked up one of Sutcliffe of Plymouth Argyle. It is in poor condition but, considering how rare they are, I was delighted to find it. I can send a scan on request.

    1. That's amazing that you've found a second card. I would be more than happy to add a scan here. My e-mail address is alanjenkins1899@gmail.com.


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