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Dandy Gum - European Championship 1988

European Championship 1988
Dandy Gum
54 cards

♥A.  G. Lineker (England)
♥2.  Steven (England)
♥3.  Wolfgang Rolff (West Germany)
♥4.  Zavarov (Russia)
♥5.  O. Thon (Germany)
♥6.  Team USSR (Russia)
♥7.  U. Rahn (Germany)
♥8.  M. Gonzalez (Spain)
♥9.  van Basten (Netherland)
♥10.  G. Hoddle (England)
♥J.  G. Francini (Italy)
♥Q.  R. Gullit (Netherland)
♥K.  R. Voller (Germany)
♦A.  F. Stapleton (Ireland)
♦2.  F. Rijkaard (Netherland)
♦3.  Thomas Berthold (West Germany)
♦4.  A. Altobelli (Italy)
♦5.  Maceda (Spain)
♦6.  A. Camacho (Spain)
♦7.  A. Breme (Germany)
♦8.  Tricella (Italy)
♦9.  K. Allofs (Germany)
♦10.  Mick McCarthy (Ireland)
♦J.  Walter Zenga (Italy)
♦Q.  P. Beardsley (England)
♦K.  Belanov (Russia)
♠A.  Butragueno (Spain)
♠2.  Clive Allen (England)
♠3.  J. Kohler (Germany)
♠4.  Sanches (Spain)
♠5.  J. Barnes (England)
♠6.  Team Spain
♠7.  Team Italy
♠8.  R. Whelan (Ireland)
♠9.  Ramon Caldere (Spain)
♠10.  K. Moran (Ireland)
♠J.  L. Matthaus (Germany)
♠Q.  G. Bergomi (Italy)
♠K.  B. Robson (England)
♣A.  G. Vialli (Italy)   -   amended 09-09-2021  -  thanks to Trevor
♣2.  John Byrne (Ireland)
♣3.  B. Ilgner (Germany)
♣4.  Team England
♣5.  S. Leinikov (Russia)
♣6.  C. Waddle (England)
♣7.  Cabrini (Italy)
♣8.  Dassaev (Russia)
♣9.  P. McGrath (Ireland)
♣10.  P. Littbarski (Germany)
♣J.  M. Lawrenson (Ireland)
♣Q.  L. Brady (Ireland)   -   amended 09-09-2021  -  thanks to Trevor
♣K.  R. Gallego (Spain)
Joker.  Yaremchuk (Russia) - Red - titled Klinsmann (Germany)   -   updated 10-04-2021  -  thanks to Jukkkkis
Joker.  Yaremchuk (Russia) - White shirt   -   amended 09-09-2021  -  thanks to Trevor


  1. Theres mistake in one card, ♣A should be G.Vialli:

    All the other cards are correct. I double checked this.

    Note: There is red and black text colored Yaremchuk joker cards. Not sure about Klinsmann.

  2. Hello,
    Ace of clubs G. Vialli as above not Netherlands
    Queen of Clubs L. Brady not G. Vialli
    Joker Yaremchuk white shirt
    Joker Yaremchuk red shirt, title states Klinsmann Germany


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