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Shurey's Illustrated - Famous Footballers

Famous Footballers
Shurey's Illustrated

18 known

Shurey's Illustrated was first published on 14 October, 1899 and ran for 183 issues until 8 April, 1903. The following week it was renamed as Shurey's Illustrated Sketch Book but only continued for a further 10 issues (nos. 184-193) before being incorporated into Sketchy Bits on 24 June, 1903.
Commencing with issue no.50 on 22nd September, 1900, Shurey's Illustrated included portraits of Famous Footballers.
This list is incomplete. I've seen a collection of 15 advertised at auction some time ago as being a complete set, but this is incorrect. There are at least 18, maybe more. I don't know the numbers of the first twelve players listed here, but I believe they are in the order they were published. Unfortunately, there is one names missing as the first numbered one I know is no. 14.
UPDATE (28-07-2019 12:54):  I originally thought that the team photos were on the reverse of the Famous Footballers but Phil Martin has informed me that is incorrect. He has been able to number and date the first 12 Famous Footballers and has provided the name of the 13th player in the series. I have removed all reference to the Football Teams and will create a new post to deal with them.
UPDATE (16-12-2020 17:37):  Ian has left a comment listing another seven portraits, numbers 19 to 26. It can be assumed that these were issued with numbers 68 to 75 of Shurey's Illustrated but this has not been confirmed.

1.  G.O. Smith (Corinthians)  -  issue no. 50, dated 22 September, 1900
2.  Caesar Jenkins (Walsall)  -  issue no. 51, dated 29 September, 1900
3 F.J. Wall (Secretary of the F.A.)  -  issue no. 52, dated 6 October, 1900
4 W. Williams (West Bromwich Albion)  -  issue no. 53, dated 13 October, 1900 
5 Alfred Spouncer (Nottingham Forest)  -  issue no. 54, dated 20 October, 1900
6.  Stanley Briggs (Clapton Orient)  -  issue no. 55, dated 27 October, 1900
7.  Ernest Needham (Sheffield United)  -  issue no. 56, dated 3 November, 1900
8.  J. McNaught (Tottenham Hotspur)  -  issue no. 57, dated 10 November, 1900
9.  F. Fenton (West Ham)  -  issue no. 58, dated 17 November, 1900
10.  W.J. Bancroft (Swansea RFC)  -  issue no. 59, dated 24 November, 1900
11.  F. Wheldon (West Bromwich Albion)  -  issue no. 60, dated 1 December, 1900
12.  J.H. Gettins (Millwall Athletic)  -  issue no. 61, dated 8 December, 1900
13.  W. Beats (Wolverhampton Wanderers)  -  issue no. 62, dated 15 December, 1900
14.  John Cameron (Tottenham Hotspur)  -  issue no. 63, dated 22 December, 1900
15.  Archie Goodall (Derby County)  -  issue no. 64, dated 29 December, 1900
16.  Frank Forman (Nottingham Forest)  -  issue no. 65, dated 5 January, 1901
17.  James Settle (Everton)  -  issue no. 66, dated 12 January, 1901
18.  Howard Spencer (Aston Villa)  -  issue no. 67, dated 19 January, 1901
19.  G.T. Livingstone
20.  R. Gaudie
21.  H.B. Lipsham (Sheffield United)
22.  R. Crompton
23.  H. Pennington
24.  Fred Spikesley  -  issue no. 77, dated 30 March, 1901  -  thanks to Chris Lee
25.  Hugh Dunn
26.  James Sharpe


  1. Hi Alan, I've seen these two from the series - Bristol City 15/12/1900 and Newcastle United 5/1/1901
    Cheers, Chris

    1. Thanks Chris,

      I've updated that list to include this information. Thanks very much,


  2. Hi Alan.

    5 years since the last comments I see! Just one puzzle there, I see that Chris Lee said Newcastle United for 5/1/1901, but your list says Manchester City.

    Also, a tiny update - the individual portraits weren't "backed" by team groups. They were on totally separate pages. None of the team groups were numbered.

    On new info. - I presumbaly was the buyer of the first 15 editions. I can confirm that your sequence is correct and the players are numbered from #1(G.O. Smith) in issue #50, to #12 (J.H.Gettins) in issue #61. Your missing #13 in issue #62 is W.Beats of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

    You can safely update the dates for each one if you wish, weekly from 22/9/1900 onwards.

    I would be keen of course to buy issue #s 65, 66 and 67 if you know of anyone who might have them!


    1. Hi Phil,

      It's great to hear from you again, thank you very much for your help, it's always a real buzz when I managed to get a checklist completed. Your help has been invaluable. I've removed all reference to the team photos and I'll great a new post for these.

      Thank you again for taking the time to help. Good luck with your search for the missing issues.

      Kind regards,


  3. Hi Phil,
    I have just come across this post in my search for Shurey's Illustrated.
    I took delivery of an issue this week which is dated 13/04/01.
    It has a list of all the players and also the teams they printed in the same magazine.
    Your initial post is correct and i can add :
    19. G.T.Livingstone
    20. R.Gaudie
    21. H.B.Lipsham
    22. R.Crompton
    23. H.Pennington
    24. Fred Spikesley
    25. Hugh Dunn
    26. James Sharpe

    The Series commenced in Issue 50 and I'm guessing that the dates rolled on weekly from your initial list. Unfortunately they don't list the teams these guys were playing for.

    If anyone has copies of 8/12/1900 and / or 29/12/1900 I would be interested in purchasing them.

    Hope that the above helps


    1. Hi Ian,

      Thank you very much for your help, I'll add all these names to the checklist.

      Kind regards,


  4. Hi Alan

    H. B. Lipsham is Sheffield United.




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