Monday, 24 November 2014

Chocolat Tobler - Set 15: Somer-Sporto (Summer Sports)

Set 15: Somer-Sporto (Summer Sports)
Tobler Chocolate / Tobler Chokolado
12 'stamps' (1 Football)

I believe these are the Swiss versions of the stamps and are written in Esperanto. They were issued in a number of countries around Europe and I think there was an English version. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who can provide further information about these Tobler Chocolate issues.

UPDATE:  I had an e-mail from a collector which included some information on this set....
Tobler edited series no. 15 with a black frame in Esperanto in 1919, followed by the one you have in your blog - white back also in Esperanto. In the middle of the 1920s until 1929, the English version from which you have only stamp no. 177, was the most commonly available set.

169.  Teniso (Tennis)

170.  Balno e Neto (Bathing and Swimming)
171.  Kurkonkurso (Foot Racing)
172.  Biciklismo (Bicycling)
173.  Pedbalono (Football)
174.  Automobilismo (Motor Racing)
175.  Chaso (The Chase)
176.  Montosporto (Mountain Climbing)
177.  Wrestling  - The 'stamp' shown here is the English version
178.  Pesko (Fishing)
179.  Kavalluro (Horse Racing)
180.  Javelinolanso (Throwing-Spears)

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