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United Services Manuf. Co. Ltd. - Popular Footballers


Popular Footballers
United Services Manuf. Co. Ltd.
50 cards

UPDATE (28-06-2015):  Matthew Zubrot has informed me that card no. 18 has Mills as a Chelsea player on the front of the card, but he's listed on the back as a Leicester City player. Tommy Mills never played for Chelsea, though they did have a George Mills playing for them around the same time.
UPDATE (28-06-2018 14:13):  Gregory Graetz informed me that I have Dixie Dean with the wrong number (he should be 32 not 31). On checking I had one name out of sequence (McCormick at 32 when he should be 29) and that error means another three cards are mis-numbered.

1.  S.F. Tilson (Manchester City)

2.  J. Barker (Derby County)
3.  S. Matthews (Stoke City)
4.  G.C. Male (Arsenal)
5.  C. Britton (Everton)
6.  H. Carter (Sunderland)
7.  J. Allen (Aston Villa)
8.  R. Westwood (Bolton Wanderers)
9.  J. Crayston (Arsenal)
10.  Ferguson (Middlesbrough)
11.  E.J. Drake (Arsenal)
12.  P. Gallacher (Sunderland)
13.  J. Arnold (Fulham)
14.  M. Busby (Liverpool)
15.  J. Bruton (Blackburn Rovers)
16.  (Rugby)
17.  J. Bowers (Leicester City)
18.  T. Mills (Chelsea (front) - Leicester City (back))   -   amended   -   thanks to Matthew Zubrot
19.  H. Roberts (Arsenal)
20.  A. Herd (Manchester City)
21.  S. Weaver (Chelsea)
22.  D. McCulloch (Brentford)
23.  H. Hibbs (Birmingham)
24.  G. Camsell (Middlesbrough)
25.  E. Hapgood (Arsenal)
26.  J. Hulme (Arsenal)
27.  R.W. Starling (Aston Villa)
28.  J. Pickering (Sheffield United)
29.  J. McCormick (Tottenham Hotspur)   -   amended 28-06-2018
30.  W.G. Richardson (West Bromwich Albion)   -   amended 28-06-2018
31.  A. Young (Huddersfield Town)   -   amended 28-06-2018
32.  W.R. Dean (Everton)   -   amended 28-06-2018
33.  A. Geldard (Everton)
34.  D. Duncan (Derby County)
35.  J. Holliday (Brentford)
36.  C. Bastin (Arsenal)
37.  W. Evans (Fulham)
38.  E. Gurney (Sunderland)
39.  S. Crooks (Derby County)
40.  E. Rimmer (Sheffield Wednesday)
41.  E. Sandford (West Bromwich Albion)
42.  J. Bestall (Grimsby Town)
43.  G. Hunt (Tottenham Hotspur)
44.  I. Hopkins (Brentford)
45.  T. Law (Chelsea)
46.  E. Brook (Manchester City)
47.  E. Blenkinsop (Liverpool)
48.  J. Milsom (Bolton Wanderers)
49.  S. Grovesnor (Bolton Wanderers)
50.  L. Jones (Coventry City)

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