Monday, 10 February 2014

Godfrey Phillips Ltd. - International Caps

International Caps
Godfrey Phillips Ltd.

An almost identical set to the Famous Footballers collection - just four different players. These have recently been reprinted unofficially as postcards.
UPDATE (23-08-2018 08:16):  Charlie Phillips' club altered from Aston Villa to Wolverhampton Wanderers, thanks to Popper for the information.

1.  J. Marshall (West Ham United)
2.  B. Williams (Everton)
3.  T. Griffiths (Aston Villa)
4.  C. Phillips (Wolverhampton Wanderers)   -   amended 23-08-2018
5.  C. Jones (Birmingham)
6.  T. Law (Chelsea)
7.  H. Hibbs (Birmingham)
8.  J. Bray (Manchester City)
9.  S. Crooks (Derby County)
10.  R. John (Arsenal)
11.  F. Keenor (Tunbridge Wells Rangers)
12.  L. Jones (Coventry City)
13.  C. Britton (Everton)
14.  C. Bastin (Arsenal)
15.  G. Camsell (Middlesbrough)
16.  I. Hopkins (Brentford)
17.  T. Mills (Leicester City)
18.  J. Easson (Portsmouth)
19.  A. Geldard (Everton)
20.  J. Crayston (Arsenal)
21.  E. Hart (Leeds United)
22.  D. McCulloch (Brentford)
23.  W. Evans (Tottenham Hotspur)
24.  D. Astley (Aston Villa)
25.  S. Matthews (Stoke City)
26.  R. Westwood (Bolton Wanderers)
27.  E. O'Callaghan (Leicester City)
28.  D. Richards (Brentford)
29.  R. Gurney (Sunderland)
30.  D. Duncan (Derby County)
31.  W. Alsford (Tottenham Hotspur)
32.  S. Lawrence (Swansea Town)
33.  W. Dean (Everton)
34.  T. Cooper (Liverpool)
35.  J. Bestall (Grimsby Town)
36.  H. Gallacher (Derby County)
37.  E. Hapgood (Arsenal)
38.  J. Barker (Derby County)
39.  E. Bowden (Arsenal)
40.  E. Brook (Manchester City)
41.  J. Jackson (Chelsea)
42.  T. Waring (Burnley)
43.  S. Weaver (Newcastle United)
44.  S. Tilson (Manchester City)
45.  J. Murphy (West Bromwich Albion)
46.  J. Allen (Aston Villa)
47.  P. Gallacher (Sunderland)
48.  A. James (Arsenal)
49.  N. Dewar (Sheffield Wednesday)
50.  G. Cummings (Aston Villa)


  1. I believe card (4) has Charlie Phillips as a Wolves player, not Villa. He moved to Villa in 1936 and the other similar sets have him as a Villa player, but not this one.

    1. Hi Popper,

      Yes, you are right, thanks for pointing it out.



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