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John Sinclair Ltd. - Well-Known Footballers (North Eastern Counties) / Well-Known Footballers (Scottish)

Well-Known Footballers (North Eastern Counties)
Well-Known Footballers (Scottish)
John Sinclair Ltd.

Well-Known Footballers (North Eastern Counties)

1.  N. Tapken (Newcastle United)
2.  J. Richardson (Newcastle United)
3.  R. Ancell (Newcastle United)
4.  J. Gordon (Newcastle United)
5.  J. Denmark (Newcastle United)
6.  W. Imrie (Newcastle United)
7.  E. Rogers (Newcastle United)
8.  A. Livingstone (Newcastle United)
9.  J. Smith (Newcastle United)
10.  S. Docking (Newcastle United)
11.  T.U. Pearson (Newcastle United)
12.  W. Cairns (Newcastle United)
13.  A. Garnham (Newcastle United)
14.  E. Connelly (Newcastle United)
15.  J. Mapson (Sunderland)
16.  J. Gorman (Sunderland)
17.  A. Hall (Sunderland)
L8.  C. Thomson (Sunderland)
19.  R. Johnston (Sunderland)
20.  A. McNab (Sunderland)
21.  L. Duns (Sunderland)
22.  H. Carter (Sunderland)
23.  R. Gurney (Sunderland)
24.  P. Gallacher (Sunderland)
25.  E. Burbanks (Sunderland)
26.  A. Hastings (Sunderland)
27.  J. Connor (Sunderland)
28.  J. Clark (Sunderland)
29.  D. Cumming (Middlesbrough)
30.  M. Fenton (Middlesbrough)
31.  R. Baxter (Middlesbrough)
32.  G. Camsell (Middlesbrough)
33.  R. Birkett (Middlesbrough)
34.  R. Stuart (Middlesbrough)
35.  B. Yorston (Middlesbrough)
35.  G. Laking (Middlesbrough)
37.  W. Forrest (Middlesbrough)
33.  T. Cochrane (Middlesbrough)
39.  W. Brown (Middlesbrough)
40.  J. Martin (Middlesbrough)
41.  A. Oxley (Gateshead)
42.  J. McDermott (Gateshead)
43.  J. Inskip (Gateshead)
44.  A. Livingstone (Gateshead)
45.  A. McInroy (Gateshead)
46.  L. Gallantree (Gateshead)
47.  A. Brallisford (Darlington)
48.  A. Harris (Darlington)
49.  W. Allison (Hartlepools United)
50.  D. Davidson (Hartlepools United)

Well-Known Footballers (Scottish)

1.  P. McKennan (Partick Thistle)
2.  J. Blair (Motherwell)
3.  G. Stevenson (Motherwell)
4.  B. Ellis (Motherwell)
5.  A. Black (Heart of Midlothian)
6.  J. McGrory (Glasgow Celtic)
7.  I. Brown (Clyde)
8.  W. Buchan (Glasgow Celtic)
9.  J. Delaney (Glasgow Celtic)
10.  F. Warren (Heart of Midlothian)
11.  T. Walker (Heart of Midlothian)
12.  A. Anderson (Heart of Midlothian)
13.  J.C. Gillies (Clyde)
14.  R. Johnstone (Partick Thistle)
15.  J. Crum (Glasgow Celtic)
16.  A. Coats (Dundee)
17.  M. Armstrong (Aberdeen)
18.  W. Strauss (Aberdeen)
19.  W. Mills (Aberdeen)
20.  E. Falloon (Aberdeen)
21.  R. Rennie (Dundee)
22.  K. Dawson (Falkirk)
23.  P. Wilson (Hibernian)
24.  P. Robertson (Arbroath)
25.  C. Gavin (Arbroath)
26.  H. Farquharson (Dunfermline Athletic)
27.  J. Law (Queen Of The South)
28.  J. Carabine (Third Lanark)
29.  R. Wylie (St. Johnstone)
30.  J. Knox (St. Mirren)
31.  G. Hay (Queen Of The South)
32.  W. Savage (Queen Of The South)
33.  R. Beattie (Kilmarnock)
34.  F. Cunningham (St. Mirren)
35.  J. Tennant (St. Johnstone)
36.  J. Mason (Third Lanark)
37.  A. Kinnaird (Third Lanark)
38.  H. Dimmer (Ayr United)
39.  R. Smith (Ayr United)
40.  D. McGarry (Greenock Morton)
41.  D. Wilson (Hamilton Academicals)
42.  R. Shankley (Falkirk)
43.  T. Kerr Campbell
 (Queens Park)
44.  J. Gardiner (Queens Park)
45.  W. Martin (Queens Park)
46.  A. Elliot (Partick Thistle)
47.  T. Smith (Dundee)
48.  T. Egan (Hibernian)
49.  G. Mason (St.Johnstone)
50.  J. Lowe (Arbroath)

Well-Known Footballers (Scottish) - errors/varieties

7.  I. Brown (Clyde)
7.  J. Brown (Clyde)


  1. I found a complete set of the Northeast Counties Set on Ebay. It shows all the card backs. Some of the last names are spelled differently than your list. I do not know which is correct. For information only. The ebay seller is card_mad from Kent, England. I hope this helps. I have no google account so I am leaving this as anonymous. Good luck

    1. Thank you very much, just gone through and updated both checklists to the names on the front of the card.


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